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Teach Math Vocabulary with this Froggy Freebie!

The concepts of more, less and altogether are important vocabulary concepts for your students.

 Frogs and Flies: Quantity Concepts Freebie by Speech Sprouts
Frogs and Flies: Quantity Concepts Click HERE
Many children, particularly those who need help developing their oral language skills, struggle with understanding the basic vocabulary concepts needed for success in learning math.

Teach math vocabulary the way young children learn best: through hands-on activities. 

That's why I created this fun little booklet and the accompanying dough mats for you.

The color version of this activity is perfect for rolling out little "flies" to count.

Laminate the color version or pop it in a page protector to use. Make little dough flies to teach the vocabulary. Count the flies. Which frog has more? Less? How many altogether?

Next, get out an ink pad and make fingerprint "flies" in your math center.

Stamp a fingerprint and draw wings to create the correct number of flies on each side of the page. The booklet can be a great home practice activity too.

 Head to Speech Sprouts to Download this activity HERE. 

Happy Summer!