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Back to School- Make these Kissing Hand Treat Bags to Welcome Your Students

Welcome Your Students Back to School with a Candy Kiss!

Many children are anxious about starting school, or returning to a new teacher. The perfect book to read is the The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.

FREE Kissing Hand Treat Toppers. Welcome your children back to school by reading the Kissing Hand and then send home some kisses!

Chester the Raccoon gets a very special kiss on his hand from his mother.

Whenever he puts it to his cheek, he knows he is okay, and it reminds him he is loved. It is such a sweet story, and beautifully illustrated too.

Why not send your students home with a sweet kiss from you too? 

Fill a baggie with a few candy kisses and then staple these FREE toppers from Speech Sprouts to the baggies. I left space so you can sign them.

If you print double-sided you can include a parent note encouraging story re-tell at home. Sweet!

Tell your students get home, they can have a kiss, and they should share another candy kiss with someone they love.  Download the adorable toppers at Speech Sprouts HERE.

Have a fabulous back to school!