Classroom Freebies

Classroom Management for the Beginning of the School Year

Oh the end of the school year can bring some exciting behavior in the classroom.  I use this year around but at the end of the year it can be used for those last few precious weeks.  I print out a bunch of these on cardstock and laminate them for durability.  I wrap a shoe box in my classroom and cut a slot in the top of the lid.  There are slips of paper beside the box along with a pencil for students to write their name on it.  Each week, I have my caught being terrific cards with me at all times: hallway,cafeteria, etc.  My students know they can get a ticket  at any time.  If they receive one they are to return the ticket to a container, put their name on a slip of paper , place in the box, and at the end of the week we have a drawing (I draw several names) to go to my prize box filled with lots of fun stuff.  The kids LOVE it and so do I.  :)  Head on over to get your copy of them.  It will be a hit at the end of the year.