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Differentiated Nursery Rhyme Response Sheets

Free nursery rhyme response sheet that works on reading comprehension skills - from Raki's Rad Resources.

Traditional literature, or folktales, is a part of most literacy curriculums. However, we often forget that nursery rhymes are a part of traditional literature too. These traditional poems and songs are an important part of "common culture" in English speaking countries. However, many of our students haven't heard of "Hickory, Dickory Dock" or "The Old Woman in the Shoe". Since these rhymes are often referenced in other stories or videos, it is important that our students are familiar with nursery rhymes.

Of course as teachers we never have enough time to add anything to our curriculum unless we can make a connection to our standards somehow. These three differentiated sheets give you the ability to work on reading skills using nursery rhymes. Level one works on rhyming and visualizing. Level two works on vocabulary and comprehension strategies. Level three pushes students to think about author's purpose and the political history of these important rhymes. Download all three levels for free from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.