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Helping your student who stutters- Tips and a FREE Poster

You may be wondering how you can help your student  who stutters.

When your student stutters, sometimes the natural urge to help may lead you to do things that can actually make it worse! Should you help by finishing what they say when they are struggling? Ask them to slow down or start over? No, please don't!

Read these great tips for teachers and download the FREE poster to establish "Talking Rules" that will help your whole class.

I shared 12 important tips on Minds in Bloom: What Teachers Need to Know About Stuttering. 


You'll learn some interesting facts about stuttering. Then head over to Speech Sprouts and download the list of tips and a talking rules poster for your classroom HERE

You are awesome!

 For more information, be sure to talk to your campus speech-language pathologist. Thanks for always supporting your students with speech and language needs.