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Mind Map Craftivity for back to shcool or end of the year

I do some sort of  "icebreaker" all month long when we head back to school.  
I truly believe getting to know each other creates camaraderie  and classroom unity, plus promotes friendship. I've found that when a classroom "family" is established, behavior problems are lessened.

With that in mind, I designed this "mind map". It's a super-fun back-to-school, or end-of-the-year craftivity, which can be done by elementary kiddos all the way up through high school.

Give the assignment the first week of school, as an interesting icebreaker and way for students to get to know each other, or do during the last week of school for a quick, easy & educationally fun "sanity saver".

It's certainly appropriate to do twice, to see how students have changed too!

Children can choose one of my 4 "head templates" or draw their own.
Completed projects make an awesome bulletin board.

Be sure and make a sample to share with your students to explain what you want them to do.
My kiddos always enjoyed learning things about their teacher.

Click on the link to zip on over to my TpT shop to grab the icebreaker "Mind Map" craftivity. 
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