Classroom Freebies

Text Recording Sheet

Free sheet that can be used on any book, article, poem or video. This sheet helps students to remember what they have ready by allowing them to jot down notes in response to reading strategies questions. Free download from Raki's Rad Resources.

Do your students remember the details of what they read from one book to the next? This is a skill my students struggle with. So in order to help them, I have created Text Consumption Recording Sheets, which is a big name for a page that they take notes on each book they read. Each sheet gives them an area to jot down the main idea, details, information about illustrations or text conventions, key vocabulary, connections, questions, and author's purpose. They also have a Venn Diagram so that they can work on comparing and contrasting the book with other things they have read. 

These sheets are called "text consumption" because we don't just use them with books. They can be used with passage, poems, articles, even videos. I want my students to be aware of all of the information they consume each day and that it can all be connected to key reading strategies. We fill out one of these forms for everything we consume and then put them in a notebook so that by the end of the year we can see all of what we have learned. 

Find out more details about these sheets, as well as how to download them, from my blog - Raki's Rad Resources.