Classroom Freebies

The Cutest Calendar In The School

I can't believe it's back to school time already, but I find myself planning again for my upcoming school year.  I've been teaching now for many years, but having a beautiful classroom where all children feel welcome is still important to me.  I feel it sets the tone for my students and their families.

My calendar is an important part of my classroom, and something that all students see everyday.  I begin the school year with the regular cal
endar cards that come with calendars, but I started doing something different about 3 years ago that my students and their families adore.  I began taking pictures of my students and inserting them into monthly and daily calendar cards.  There are so many milestones at the beginning of the school year.  I take a group photo on the first day of school, another one on our first field trip, engaging science and math lessons, etc.  I then upload the photos to my google drive when I get home and I am easily able to put the group photos into our my free monthly calendar headings.  My students LOVE seeing all of the pictures I take of them, and it promotes the feeling of community in my classroom.  Here is the free template for the monthly calendar headings. Have a great school year, and happy picture taking!