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5 Math Centers PERFECT for the Beginning of the Year

Hello from The Classroom Nook!

These 5 math centers are the perfect start to kick off your math curriculum at the beginning of the school year.
The centers are designed to be basic enough for students to be able to complete without much instruction, using their math knowledge learned in previous years.

The centers also serve as a resource for teachers to get a basic understanding for what students are coming in to their class already knowing.

The centers introduce (or review) math manipulatives that they will be using throughout at year such as play money, base-ten blocks, pattern blocks, ruler..etc...

The concepts covered in the 5 centers are:
  • creating designs using pattern blocks, and identifying the geometric shapes used in their design.
  • comparing money (and creating the value with play money)
  • building numbers with base-ten blocks
  • Finding two or more ways to break up a number into smaller, equal groups (foundations for multiplication and division)
  • measuring every day objects with a ruler.