Classroom Freebies

Apple-Themed Math Games

This apple "craftivity" is a super-fun way to reinforce addition and/or subtraction.

If you teach older students, I've also included a template to make a multiplication apple game.

Students roll a dice to see if they will work on their addition or subtraction skills. 
If they roll an even number they will add and use that side of the apple mat. 
If they roll an odd number, they'll flip the mat over and use the subtraction side. 

For their 2nd roll, they toss two dice to determine their equation, which they jot down on their recording sheet. 

Students can either use the paper seed tiles, sunflower seeds, or pom poms as manipulatives to show "how many" on their mat.  

To help reinforce greater and less than, have students use those math symbol centers in the middle of their apple mat.  They can also write these equations down. 

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