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Awesome Apple Craft

Even though this craftivity is quick, easy & fun, it definitely has the "Wow!" factor.

"Apples can be red, yellow and green. These are the prettiest apples you've ever seen." is the little poem that's in the middle of the apple.
I've included a large, full-size teacher's apple, that you can use as a sample to explain things to your kiddos, then later, place it in the middle of your apple display or bulletin board.

You can pre-cut the templates for little ones, or run off the masters on white construction paper or card stock & have children trim their own, gluing the stem & leaf on.

Using a crayon sharpener & broken peeled crayons, (Love recycling!) have students "shave" separate piles of red, yellow & green shavings.

They pinch a bit and then sprinkle the 3 colors on top of their apple cut out. Both of these activities, provide super, fine-motor skill practice, that helps strengthen those finger muscles.

Cover with a sheet of wax paper, press with a warm iron for a few seconds, then gently peel off the paper.

My kiddos often squeal with delight at how awesome their apple turns out. 
There are patterns with & without the poem.

Each apple is different; which makes for an amazing bulletin board that never fails to get lots of ooohs and ahhhs, from students and staff who pass by.

Grab that teachable moment to toss in a bit of  math & science, when the red crayon melts into the yellow to make the new secondary color. I put the equation red + yellow = orange on the board. 

Click on the link to zip on over to my blog to get the "Melted Crayon Apples", which is today's featured FREEBIE

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