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Bubble Dot Number Activities

Bubble dots are a fun way for your students to practice number recognition & counting (0-10).

There are a variety of ways to use these 2-on-a-page worksheets.

Students can use a small bingo dot dauber and dot the circles or use a Q-tip dipped in a dab of paint.

Children can color the dots, counting each one as they go along.
I have my kiddos write how many bubble dots they counted somewhere on the page.

Practice patterning by having children choose 2 colors and show an AB-AB pattern.

Laminate a set and put in your math center. 
Students can sequence the number cards then sort them in an odd or even pile.

Make an extra set and cut them in half or in quarters for some puzzle fun.

For another center idea, have children cover the dots with pony beads, or little balls of Play Dough to practice counting, one-to-one correspondence, & patterning, while strengthening their finger muscles.
When they are done “decorating” they can count the objects as they take them off.

Color your own set with school or classroom colors, laminate and use as anchor chart posters or large flashcards.

I’ve also included a cover if you want to cut & collate all of the worksheets into a booklet.

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