Classroom Freebies

Practice Reading with these Pennants!

If you are like me, you have looked at the Common Core standards and thought to yourself, "there is so much left out!" 

I really need my students to master all those important reading skills and strategies that the Common Core just doesn't address.  It's not only for those other tests they take, like the NWEA, but because it's the very foundation of reading!

So for my own peace of mind, I created these reading pennants that I could use in any content area to help my students practice those important reading strategies and skills.

Help your students practice their reading skills and strategies in any content area while mastering the Common Core with these free Reading Pennants!

Since I'm sure that I'm not alone in feeling this way about the Common Core, I wanted to share this freebie with you too.  Grab your free Reading Pennants here.

Now you can help your students practice visualization, fact and opinion, and so much more without the feeling of pulling your hair out.

Happy Teaching!