Classroom Freebies

Susan Berkowitz’s Free Build a Cupcake Barrier Game

One of my favorite language building activities is the Barrier Game.  Speech-language pathologists have been using barrier games for years to build students’ listening and speaking skills for descriptions and directions.  Giving concise directions is an important skill in all walks of life.

One whole-class barrier activity that always surprised my middle school kids with significant language disorders involved having 1 student at the chalk board while I showed the rest of the class a picture of an “alien.”  Students needed to describe the alien for the person at the board so that (s)he could draw it accurately.  Needless to say the outcome was always funny - and eye opening.
There are many ways to construct a barrier game. I used to have a set when I worked in the public schools that had different shapes in a variety and colors and sizes.  But my kids - and I - soon grew bored with these.
So, now I try to make the games more interesting, using a variety of backgrounds and themes and fun object pictures.  Here is a free small sample; making a cupcake party themed scene.  Enjoy!  There are no calories in these.

Keep on talking.