Classroom Freebies

Susan Berkowitz’s Halloween Candy Sort by Attribute

This is the time of year when store shelves bulge with more candy than at any other time.  Full-sized, miniature, and mixed selections of everyone’s favorite candies can be found everywhere you go.

Even if you don’t have kids of your own, you can’t escape the masses of candy.  So, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!  Use the labels cut from packages, supermarket fliers, or even coupons (or just do a web image search and print the pictures out) and have a categorization sugar blow-out.
How many types or categories of candy can your students think of? Brainstorm a list on the board.  Chocolate, chewy, with nuts, hard sucking candies and pops…. keep going.  Then give each child a pile of pictures to sort.  Or work in a small, cooperative group; this way students can talk about and defend their choices.

And……. keep on talking!