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Soaring for Multiplication Strategies

Multiplication is a major concept in upper elementary.  It's foundational.  It's fundamental.

That's why since I have to cover it so much with my students to make sure they understand it and KNOW it, I try to get creative when it comes to engaging them with it.

When we recently practiced our multiplication, we made "hot air balloons with four sides.  Each side represented multiplication in a different way.

Teach your students about arrays, skip counting, equal groups, and repeated addition with this hot air balloon display that's perfect for when your math class learns about multiplication strategies!

For instance one side represented multiplication by repeated addition, another represented it by skip counting, another by equal groups, and the fourth by arrays. 

These made cute displays and it was a great way to review with the kiddos how multiplication can be represented!

You can head over to my blog to read all about it and grab your hot air balloon (soaring strategies) download for free by clicking here.

Have fun!