Classroom Freebies

Susan Berkowitz’s Free A.P.E. Communication Board

SLPs know that teaching vocabulary in context to kids with any kind of language disorder is key.  But often our kids with Complex Communication Needs don’t get enough practice without us planning to provide structured direct instruction in different environments.

One school location that tends to be very important for the students with whom I work is the Motor Room, or Sensory Room.  I work with kids to need sensory breaks and opportunities to run around or engage in vestibular activities.
Since it can be hard to hang onto devices while helping kids get through tube tunnels, I often place communication boards around the room with related vocabulary plus core words.
While I would never advocate for using these topic boards as someone’s robust AAC system, I do like to have them for additional support in various locations.
This APE board (click here to download) has been used in a variety of schools in which I consult and have been found to be helpful.  I hope you find them to be so, too.

Until next week - Keep on Talking!