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Susan Berkowitz’s Free Shared Reading Strategies Handout

Studies have shown that students’ reading success can be predicted by how much they are read to before they get to school and by how much parents interact verbally with them. 
In fact, parental use of language in routines and in read aloud are both predictive of students’ language skills.

When reading to the student set a purpose for reading (“Let’s see what animals they find at the zoo.”).  Let the student choose the book that meets their interests.  Make sure it is a story they can understand. Take a look at the text.  We don’t want to choose a book that is too easy and doesn’t contribute to his/her knowledge of vocabulary, story structure, or the topic.  But we also don’t want to choose a book with vocabulary that is too far above his comprehension level, or that uses sentences that are far too complex.  We want to continue to provide good language input at his age level (rather than independent reading level), but without overwhelming him.  Make sure he can understand many or most of the words; pre-teach vocabulary as needed.

Have fun and keep on talking! And reading!