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Math + Riddles = Lots of Learning Fun!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

You work hard every day to keep the fun in learning! Here's a quick and easy way to build number sense while you and your students also have fun.

Your first and second grade students will use the clues on these 12 multi-step riddle cards to determine a number between one and 120. They'll use clues about basic addition and subtraction, coins (pennies, nickels, and dimes), place value, adding and subtracting tens, and comparing numbers.

*Note: You may already be using Set 1 of these riddles. This sample is from a new and completely different set!

The Bonus Factor when you teach with riddles?

1) They are an easy way to implement spiraled review.

2) While you're reviewing math concepts and vocabulary, you'll also do some modeling and practicing with inference and drawing conclusions! WOW - that's a two-for-one!

Happy Teaching!