Classroom Freebies

Christmas Alphabetical Order Freebie

Alphabetical order is one of those skills that comes up over and over, throughout our lives but is a skill students are not too keen to practice. I have found the answer to getting them excited about alphabetical order! I incorporate it into my seasonal activities. For some reason, when you attach alphabetical order to the holidays, students are very engaged.
 Here is one of my free alphabetical order products that is VERY low prep. All you have to do is print and hand out. It is also differentiated. If you have students that work slower and are not able to do as much work (for whatever reason) print them the page that has only 10 words. Your entire class can be doing a page that looks very similar and covers the same concepts!

Click on the picture to get your FREE copy! I have other free holiday alphabetical order pages that are also free so you may want to check those out while you are at my store :)