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Snowman Name Stacker Craft

I like to do some sort of January craftivity, before Christmas break, so that we don't come back to a bare-looking hallway.

Since we do a big snowman theme, my kiddos enjoy making a Snowman Name Stacker.

They are a quick, easy and fun decoration for your students' lockers, or as a wall display.

You can make a template, trace once and cut out 3-6 circles at a time, or run off my template on white construction paper and have students cut out their own circles. 

Demonstrate how to glue just the edge of the "snowball" to another to "build" their vertical Snowman Stacker.

Take a teachable moment to explain vertical and horizontal, to add those words to their vocabulary.

We also review the 2D shapes: circle, rectangle and square

Children glue their snowman together, adding as many belly "snowballs" to equal the number of letters in their name.

As you can see in the photo, the faces my little ones created are super-cute.

Before you hang them up, to practice more standards, have children help you put the snowmen in alphabetical order.

Another activity would be to put them in order from tallest to shortest.

For more math extensions, graph how many letters students have in their name, or how many of each letter is used.

You could also add up all of the letters in everyone’s name, to figure out a class total.

To get a pattern, click on the link to zip on over to my BLOG, where the Snowman Name Stacker Craft is today's featured FREEBIE

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Happy merry making.