Classroom Freebies

Whole Brain Teaching Seasonal Posters

A couple of years before I retired, I learned about Whole Brain Teaching. I was intrigued with the concept and I decided to try using some of the strategies in my classroom. I was amazed at how well they worked.

I created a set of seasonal posters with the classroom rules on them. I did make a couple of changes that fit my classroom better. See them below.
I added the words "and correctly" to this rule because my students were quick about follow instructions, but they didn't always follow them correctly.
I didn't require students to raise their hands to leave their seats, but I did ask that they be respectful and caring. This meant that they shouldn't disturb others if they did leave their seats.  I changed rule 3 to Be respectful and caring.
The original wording for all 5 rules is included in this package as well as the changed wording.

I hope you find these posters helpful in your classrooms.