Classroom Freebies

Winning Moments in Class - Snap a Photo

This school year is flying by!  My students and I have had many high success moments together this school year.  The moments go by quickly, so why not document them and put them on display.  I used to struggle with where I would display photos of my students winning science lessons, or assembly performances.  Now, I take out my phone, snap a photo, and upload them to these free monthly calendar headings.  I simply upload the photos to my google drive, and then point, click, and I'm done!

My students get constant reminders of their shining moments, and it's such a boost to our classroom morale.  At the end of the year, I'm even able to turn keeping a monthly calendar header into a class incentive.  By using group photos it really makes all of my students feel welcome, and a part of our classroom community.  Enjoy!