Classroom Freebies

!00 Day Craft

As a little "Happy 100 Day!" treat, here's a fun FREEBIE for your celebration.

Ripping and tearing paper is a great fine motor skill that strengthens finger and hand muscles.

Completed projects make an awesome bulletin board too. I've included a "Happy 100 Day " poster for the center of your display.

Simply run off the 100 pattern and give children a variety of colorful paper strips to choose from.

Kiddos can choose 2 colors and create an AB-AB pattern, or 3 for an ABC-ABC one, or skip patterning and have them make a rainbow 100.

I've included a full-size template, as well as a 2-on-a-page one for younger kiddos. Instead of 1 inch wide strips, I use 1/2 inch for the smaller one.

Click on the link to grab your pattern today.  100 Day Craft
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