Classroom Freebies

100 Day certificates

Is your 100th day of school right around the corner? 

In celebration of being "100 days smarter", I like to have a little something on my students' desks, as they walk in on 100 Day.

One of the things they receive is a certificate of praise.

This packet includes 18 certificates. Some are in color, others black & white.

As a classroom management incentive tool, run off extras for students to earn.

I hope your kiddos enjoy their certificates as much as mine do. 

I've created others for various milestones like learning letters, shapes, skip counting... 

I'LL never forget Dillon, one of my young fives, who every time he earned one, glued it in a special notebook
He was so proud of it, that he brought it in to share for Show & Tell time.

Many of my other students were so impressed, that they started doing the same thing!

I had no idea how important a simple piece of paper made my students feel.

Click on the link to grab your set of 100 Day certificates.
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