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Do you Know Either of these High School Girls?

The story of 2 High School Girls — Gertrude and Bertha, is a comparative story. Jackie Brewton used to illustrate the advantages of not having sex before marriage during my health class. By example, Jackie taught me the importance of stories in revealing a moral point without being over bearing. The listener relates / becomes the character in the story. By the end of the story no one wants to be Bertha; the students emotionally live thru three relatable incidents and their consequences based on Bertha’s / Gertrude’s sexual choices. Emotions lead to actions / behaviors particularly if you connect them with personal goals.

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The story of 2 High School girls — Gertrude and Bertha

#1 Bertha — started having sex in 9th grade, was sexually active all through high school.
#2 Gertrude — didn’t participate in sexual activity all through high school. She is still a virgin.
The same thing happens to them but their reactions are very different, based on what their previous choices about sex have been.
1st incident — Being a week late starting their period
What is Bertha thinking? This is what her life is like every month. She watches that calendar like clockwork. She has to. She knows exactly when her period is supposed to start. When you are sexually active you have to keep up with that. When she is 1 day late, she gets a little bit nervous. When 2 days go by, she becomes more nervous. By the 7th day, she’s freaking out. She has already failed her calculus test.
When you think you are pregnant, it is kind of hard to focus on your studies. She is trying to figure out how to get an early pregnancy test without her parents finding out. What is she going to do — will her boyfriend be like 8 out of 10 guys who leave? Will my parents kill me?   Her life is like this every month. And guess what, finally her period starts and she says “oooooooh that was close”. But she keeps having sex, which is what most girls do. And a couple months later here we go again.
What is Gertrude thinking? Her period is a week late — ooooh got an extra week. Who doesn’t want that — Right? You’re not sexually active so you don’t have to keep up with your period. You can be a week late, 2 weeks, a month — it doesn’t matter. I call this freedom.
2nd incident — Both girls go to the bathroom and both have a pain when they urinate. 
Bertha is thinking STD — she is going to the internet, googling which STD gives you pain when you urinate. She’s thinking — I can’t believe he’s given me something. How do I get tested without my parents finding out? She is scared to death. She gets a bump in her vaginal area and she is thinking, “is this herpes”?
Gertrude — I must have a bladder infection. I need to tell my mom so she can take me to the doctor to get some antibiotics. I need to drink some cranberry juice. I call this freedom.
3rd incident — Boyfriend breaks up with her
Bertha is devastated. She thought if she had sex with her boyfriend, he would stick around. He said if we have sex that was proving we love each other. Where is the love now? She has to watch him walk down the hall a week later hugged up with a new girl. Thinking how did he get over me that fast? Now, she has to worry about every guy she dates will know she had sex before. They will expect her to have sex with them. She has to worry about her reputation.
Gertrude — it broke her heart a little bit.   But man, I’m glad I didn’t give it up. I thought he was the one. I guess I was wrong.
You know, the more you give away, the harder it is to get over the relationship when it doesn’t work out.


I remember the late 60’s and the beginnings of the sexual revolution where sexual behaviors and attitudes began to change. My grandmother in her 70’s laughingly said, “these young girls don’t understand the concept of “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” (This idiom is usually used to refer to men who don’t want to get married, when they can get all the benefits of marriage without getting married.)
At the time, I closed my eyes and shuttered at the vulgarity of those words. (Cow = girl, free milk = sex without marriage). I didn’t like the analogy. But Grandma had the wisdom of age and experience; she grew up on a farm and knew the cost / benefit of owning a cow. It was the difference between sustenance and hunger. Every day there was milk and butter and a new calf each year. She knew nothing was free; everything had a cost.
Grandma was right. Fifty years later male / female relationships have change significantly. Our society exchanged something old (traditional marriage) for something new (free love which wasn’t sex before marriage it was really sex outside of marriage, aka free sex). We don’t say free sex / free love anymore; the term now is having friends with benefits or hook ups.   The apparent new normal is teen girls being harassed to sextet and a noticeable decline in marriage. (Refer to the link below for an interesting article.)
Here is another link to an interesting video:
Woman runs over boyfriend after he told her he had HIV