Classroom Freebies

Kahoot New Features - Name Generator and Challenge Feature!

Kahoot is the game based classroom response system. This video shows you how to access and use two new Kahoot features in your classroom...
1. Name Generator
2. Challenge Feature

Name Generator
• Most of us have experienced problems with naughty nicknames while trying to play Kahoot with our classes.
• Also, sometimes students get overly creative coming up with names and it takes a long time for everyone to join.
• Kahoot has a new feature to simplify your hosting experience – their nickname generator!

Kahoot Challenge Feature
This video shows teachers and students how to use the new Kahoot Challenge Feature!
• Assign kahoots as homework with the new challenge feature
• Create challenges on your computer or in the app, and students play them on their phones
• Make homework engaging, increase its completion rate and save time on correcting assignments!

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