Classroom Freebies

"Snow" Special Family Snowflake Craft

Looking for an awesome winter bulletin board or fun writing prompt that your kiddos will get excited about?

Then this "snow" special family snowflake craft is for you.

It's a quick, easy and fun "homework" assignment, which even PK kiddos can do with the help of their families.

Simply run off the snowflake on white construction paper or card stock; students glue a photo of their family to the center, write the names of their family members on the points of the snowflake, then jot down some reasons why they think their family is special.

Older students can attach their snowflake as a header for a longer writing prompt.

Use blue foil wrapping paper for the background of your bulletin board, then scatter the snowflakes on top. A few suspended from the ceiling above the board will add that finishing touch.

Caption: "Brrrrr-illiant Work!"

Click on the link to grab your Family Snowflake Craft today.

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