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Snowman Acrostic Poem Craftiity Packet

This snowman acrostic poem "craftivity" is a quick, easy and fun way to incorporate the poetry genre into your studies.

Acrostics are an interesting way for your kiddos to practice descriptive writing by using adjectives.

To create an acrostic poem, students think of a word that describes the topic, that begins with that letter, then write that word "across" from the letter.

My kiddos absolutely LOVE creating acrostics. It's a super-fun way to improve vocabulary too.

Besides the snowman acrostic pictured, the packet also includes 5 other acrostic poem templates.
Offer your students a choice. 

Some of my students ask to make more than one they enjoy this activity so much, which makes this an interesting homework assignment if you don't have time to do one in class.

Children glue their snowman pieces together, add their completed acrostic to the hat and draw on a face.

Completed projects make an adorable bulletin board too.

Click on the link to grab your Snowman Acrostic Poem Packet today.

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