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Winter Olympics Alphabet Cards & Building Vocabulary Word Work Activities

There are so many things you can do with this Olympic Word Packet.  

Use the Olympic alphabet cards for games, a bulletin board boarder, puzzles, centers, flashcards, sorting, your word wall etc.  

There's an alphabetical list of 528 words associated with the Olympics + 364 mini word cards students can alphabetize, or sort into nouns, verbs and adjectives on the Olympic word sorting mat. 

Have students choose 3-5 word cards and make up sentences using them.  (A great Daily 5 word work activity.) I've included a worksheet for this.

Pass out an alphabet card to each student and have them find and place all of the Olympic mini word cards that start with that letter under it.   

Challenge students to write Olympic words in their vocabulary building journal.  ( A cover is provided.) You can have older students look up and define any words that they don't know.

Click on the link to zip on over to my website to pick up your Winter Olympics Alphabet Cards & Vocabulary Building Word Work Packet. 

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