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Helpful Seuss Information

It's almost March, and time to launch "March is Reading Month". 

Since Seuss seems to be an iconic theme for "Read Across America",  I wondered just how many books Dr. Seuss had actually written, so I Googled it.  

To my surprise, there were a variety of guess-timates from 40 to 60 "books". What? How can we not know how many books this famed author wrote?

This intrigued me; because of the discrepancies, I decided to make my own list, so I could count and know a more definitive answer.  

I came up with 65 (2 were for adults).  I hope you find this alphabetical list, with some interesting notations, helpful. 

Because there are so many choices, and only so much time available to read, I wanted to give a short synopsis of each of the books, as a way to help teachers narrow down their choices, as well as possibly pick something "new" they might not be familiar with. 

With that in mind, I dragged out my collection and began this fun task.  

Click on the links to grab your copies today. 
Alphabetical list of Seuss Books.
Synopsis of 79 Seuss Stories

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