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Susan Berkowitz’s Free AAC From A to Z: P is for Planning

AAC users - like all language learners - learn through modeling; their communication partners use the AAC system when they are talking to them, simultaneously speaking and highlighting the key words with the AAC system.

It helps to plan out your interactions when you are new to providing intervention in AAC or are unfamiliar with your student’s system.  Think about what core words are used, which are your targets, and how you will use them during the activity. (If you haven’t already watched the video on Aided Language Stimulation, catch it here.)

  1. Identify potential targets within specific routines and activities.
  2. Select vocabulary to target; remembering to use more core words than nouns/labels.
  3. Provided the Aided Language Stimulation or modeling.
  4. Use expectant pauses, facial expressions, natural cues to encourage responses (but not demand them).
  5. Keep data collection simple; I just use hash marks for each function used per day.