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Susan Berkowitz’s Free Video for AAC: C is for CVI

So, what the heck is CVI, you ask?  
C.V.I. stands for Cortical Vision Impairment.  CVI is not related to acuity of vision at all.  Rather, it is related to damage in the cortex - or brain - in any of the areas that relate to visual skills.  And because there are so many different areas of the brain involved in vision, we see kids with CVI more often than we realize.

Students with C.P. (cerebral palsy) often have C.V.I. given that the area of the brain that has impacted motor skills/muscles/neurology can also impact cortical vision.
We are now finding children with Autism who have C.V.I.

So, before you send that student to the optometrist, or think he’s not paying attention to you, make sure it’s not a cortical vision issue.