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Passport Autobiography Writing Activity

 Passport Autobiography

I am always looking for new ways to publish student writing. My students just finished mini autobiographies, and we published them in passport booklets using a template I created on MSPublisher. It was a great project that integrated biography writing, review of transitional words, and keyboarding and computer skills.

I used our class novel, Snow Treasure by McSwigan, as a launching point for the autobiography writing. I gave the students a writing frame to help organize their ideas, and they used the same style to share memories as the character in the story.

In your class, you can adapt the autobiography writing to fit your curriculum. This Passport Autobiography Resource has a printable template that students can handwrite their information, or you can use the MSPublisher templates and let students type. There is even an editable template, so you can customize the passport for a non-U.S. country.