Classroom Freebies

Describe - Compare - Contrast: Vocabulary Skills are King

Activities that keep kids both engaged and busy (not necessarily the same thing) are important in speech-language therapy; just as they are in the classroom. 
In the therapy setting, however, we are super-focused on the very skills that the student finds the most difficult. So, we sometimes get a lot of push-back and protesting. 
Interactive notebooks, foldable forms, flip books, and more are finding their way into the intervention setting to keep the learning moving. I’ve noticed that kids really like anything they can fold, unfold, and bend. 

 So I put together a group of fun photos of animals, objects, and places with 2 different task templates. 
One template provides the photos in the center, with spaces to fill in descriptions of what it looks like, smells like, feels like, etc. 

The other is a large Venn-type diagram for comparing and contrasting. 
Grab these 2 free samples of my Foldable Describing Forms by right clicking them to drag or download onto your desktop.
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