Classroom Freebies

Do You Need More Core Word Activities?

Last week I talked abut core words in speech-language therapy for students who are nonverbal, and provided a sample core word activity.  This week I’m offering another sample of a simulated scavenger hunt for core words.

Right click to download the “Look What I Found” sheet and the page of objects to find on your “hike.”  (Mac users can just drag and drop.) Have students pick a favorite object and tell about it in a picture and, hopefully, with their words - whether those are verbal or with an AAC system.
Help them to brainstorm ideas.  “It is (size, color),” or “I like it,” or “It was (near, next to,…) X,” or “I put here,” “I have this,” “It is fun.” 
You can also do your own 'nature walk' through the school.  Tell students to be on the look-out for items you know they’ll find, then use their AAC systems to talk about what they found.