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Do You Use Core Words?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “Core Words” you might not be a speech-language pathologist or special education teacher.  Core words are the high frequency words we use when constructing phrases and sentences.  Despite having amazingly huge vocabularies, we adults only use 300-500 of those words for 80% of what we say.
If you are supporting students who use alternative forms of communication, then you may have come across the term or may be using core word intervention already. But kids who need to use pictures to communicate are also the kids who need many extra exposures to learn those words.

One of the decontextualized activities kids find fun is working with interactive books.  While having photos of the student in the books is an added bonus, oftentimes we need one set of materials that works with multiple students, so making individualized books might not be possible.

One way to make those “universal” interactive books more personalized is to add a photo of just the student’s face on top of the clip art person’s face.

Here are a few pages of one of my interactive core words books for you to try with your AAC users.
Have fun, and....Keep on Talking!