Classroom Freebies

YOU HAVE ONE LIFE An activity to grab your student’s attention.

This is an activity that can be used before or after a Goals or Good Intentions or a Decision Making Unit. It is a visual of what has been/will be talked about and worked on. We have hopes and dreams for our future. We also have this one life to enjoy. We live in a time where there is opportunity to accomplish almost anything we want if we use our time and abilities wisely. This is where decision making skills are so important.

1. Place a Jar where your students can observe you. Fill it with golf balls. Ask you students, Is this jar full? 
2. On top of the golf balls, pour gravel into the jar. Is the jar full now? 
3. On top of the golf balls, and gravel, fill the jar with sand. Is the jar full now?
4. Place a six pack of coke and a pizza box of your choice next to the jar. Then pour a can of coke into the jar. Is the jar full now? 
5. Why would I make this mess? The jar represents our life. It’s important what and how we fill the time we have on this earth.

The golf balls represent the most important things in your life. I know what’s important in my life. My spouse, my kids, paying my bills so I can provide their basic needs. It’s up to you to decide what is important in your life. Since you are not married with kids, your important things are different than mine. In the category of what would be most important, what would they be?

Write down their ideas on the board.

The pebbles are other important things. Example, what I wear to work, where the family will go for spring break. Ask the kids - what are the not so important things in your life?

Write down their ideas.

The sand represents everything else – the small stuff. Office gossip, mowing the lawn, getting the kids to practice on time, what’s for dinner.

Here is the moral of this activity. If you put sand in the jar first, you won’t have room for the gravel or the golf balls. The same is true in life. If you spend all your energy, abilities and time on the small stuff, you won’t have time for all of the really important things that matter to you.

Advice: Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness. Don’t confuse fun for happiness. 

Take care of the golf balls first (the really important things). Set your priorities, because everything else in just sand. 
If anyone asks about the cans of coke and pizza, remind them that no matter how busy your life may be, call your very best friend, invite them over for a movie, coke and pizza.