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Deciphering DRA Decoding

This is Alison Whiteley from Toad-ally Exceptional Learners with a coaching session. A question teacher's have been asking is what to do with the DRA rubric after they are scored. How do you use the information to plan instruction and next steps? (I always tell teachers to use the data they have to collect or they have created first before trying to figure out else they may need.) When you look at a DRA rubric it is broken into two parts: oral reading (decoding and fluency and comprehension.) Stop by my Blog: Toad-ally Exceptional Learners to see how I use the DRA rubric to move students. I have included two freebies I use when working on phonics and make sure students are meeting expectations.

Kahoot - 10 Free Public Games

• Kahoot is a game-based classroom response system
• Create and play quizzes, discussions and surveys using any device with a web browser
• Motivate participation through game-based learning and rewards in a social setting
Students Love Kahoot!
• I know students love this game from the feedback I receive from other teachers and from my own experience with using Kahoot.
• Students ask me, “Can we please play Kahoot?” For every game there is always lots of laughter and students are very engaged.
• At the end of the 2014/15 school year, I gave students a day to complete missing assignments. There were several students who were finished all of their work. These students got together and set-up their own game of Kahoot. I did not suggest it, they just really wanted to play. This was more evidence for me that students love this interactive tool.

The Marriage of Q and U

This is a great way to help children understand how "q" and "u" go together to make a new sound. The letter "q" has to understand that the "u" can go out on his own and appear in words like umbrella and underwear, but that he is committed to her and will always be with her to make the “qu” sound.
This is a great printable that everyone will enjoy. Simply click here to check out this freebie from Sight and Sound Reading now!

100 Chart Freebie

Whether your 100th Day has come and gone, this 100 Chart freebie will come in handy any time you need to brush up on some place value.

I've made it in five different versions to accommodate a variety of little learners.  One chart is completely blank with the other charts having some numbers filled in.  All the charts have four specific tasks for your little learners to complete.  Click HERE to download this freebie now.

I'd love to know what you think.

FREE Sweet Teacher Clipart Kit - Perfect for Spring & Summer

Hey y'all!  Jen Bradshaw here from

FREE Teacher Clipart Kit for Spring and Summer with Frames, Buntings, Banners, Flowers, and Bird Clipart.

I created the free clipart kit to inspire teachers to create something special this Spring and Summer!

In the 18 piece set of graphics, you will find:

  • 2 frames
  • bird graphic
  • 4 buntings
  • 3 banners
  • 6 buttons
  • 2 flowers

Best wishes!

Jen Bradshaw

Abstract Thinking Freebie Activities

Learning to use higher level language and to think abstractly can be hard for many concrete learners. It involves the mental flexibility, critical thinking and visualization.  The trick is to break down the process down into manageable lessons and to motivate students with fun and creative activities.  Here are some free pages that your students will love.  They can be downloaded directly on my blog HERE .
Dr. Erica Warren

Lowercase B and D along with P and Q masks
So many times lowercase b , d, p, and q are often confused by little learners.  And other times older kids need a little reminder too!  I love hands on activities and this activity fit the bill.  The kids had a blast pretending to be superheroes with their b and d masks and turning it around and making it p and q.  I hope you like it!

Got Choppy Readers? Fluency Center FREEBIE

Hello! JenBradshaw here from

FREE Reading fluency resource to improve choppy reading. Blending Trains

Got choppy readers?

Blending Trains are great to use in a literacy station to improve reading fluency.

Students love the fun train design, and teachers love the student engagement and growth in reading fluency.

Best wishes!

Create a Map to Elaborate a Story

I learned this trick from a writing book for adults and adapted it for my students.  When a writer creates a map of the setting, it helps them elaborate more of the story.  I found when I had my students create a map of their short stories, it helped them keep track of their plot.  They moved their characters on a journey from one place to another.

To download Mapping the Setting, please visit this post at Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education

Just Add Eggs - Free Math Activities

Spring is here! There are so many fun and educational activities that can be done with plastic eggs! They are festive, inexpensive, and kids of all ages love them! I’ve compiled some math activities of various levels into this download to give you a small group activity or math center that your kids will love!

Get the download on my blog HERE!

Reading Comprehension Bookmarks

I started making reading comprehension bookmarks when I was doing some tutoring on the side. The bookmarks helped students focus their reading and gave their reading a purpose. Now, I use this great reading comprehension tool for all of my students.

Depending on the age of the reader, you can print bookmarks that help students look for plot detail or something more sophisticated like symbols. There are three bookmark templates in this freebie for primary, upper elementary, and middle or high school students.

CLICK HERE to download the product.

Happy Reading!


Onomatopoeia Fun

Onomatopoeia is a word that's fun for kids to hear, and even more fun for students to learn about.  It's such an odd word.  My students always love coming up with more words that describe sounds.  They actually inspired me to create this free lesson on Onomatopoeia.  I call it the Onomatopoeia song, and my students and I have so much fun when we sing it.  When the class gets good enough, you can actually add the steps to the bunny hop for even more fun.


Spring Fever? Here's the (Subtraction!) Cure!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Longer evenings, more time on the playground, it happens every year at this time - spring fever! When it strikes in your classroom, it can make teaching a math lesson after lunch mighty rough.

Here's a bit of help for you, Spring Fever Subtraction Bump! Pop it into your math centers to help get those brains back on track.

Happy Teaching!

Pockets of Poetry {A Center Game}

Are you planning your activities for National Poetry Month?  Here's one freebie literacy game that you can add to your centers:  Pockets of Poetry!

Students read several cards illustrating different poetry elements including similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, hyperbole, alliteration, and personification.  Students sort out the different poetry elements and place the cards in the correct pocket!

Grab your free copy here:

Sight Word Practice Mega Bundle

Memorizing sight words can be tricky and take lots of repetition.  This HUGE (over 75 pages) sight word mega bundle includes games, playdough mats, worksheets and more to help make that repetition more fun.  There are also sheets to practice any sight word (or spelling word) in a hands on way.  
75+ pages of FREE sight words games, activities and more for making sight words fun and hands on.