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Preschool Activity Cards

Free preschool homeschool choice cards from Raki's Rad Resources.

Label the activities available and then let your young students build their autonomy by having them choose their own activities with these Preschool Choice Cards. I developed these for my son's homeschool environment, but they would work just as well in a classroom environment. Download these free cards from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Place Value Riddles for Three-Digit Numbers

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Have you tried math riddles?  This set focuses on three digit numbers. These riddle cards work well for math centers, bell work, early finishers, and enrichment. Your students will use computation skills, but there's also some really tough thinking needed to solve these!

Here's one for you to try.

That got you thinking, didn't it? ;)

Click on the cover to get them all.

Happy Teaching!

Mother's Day Card

I love finding something that's super versatile that I can use in different ways, for different reasons.

I found this idea in various print forms on a variety of sites, so I'm not sure where the original idea came from. 

However, instead of making an 8x10 print to frame, I thought it would be perfect to design some cards, bookmarks and magnets, which children could make in school for various holidays: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or Grandparent's Day. 

Students trim and glue the print to a sheet of construction paper to make a card.  Turn it into a writing prompt and have children write why they love that person. The bookmark works the same way.  I wrote up a sample that you can share with your students, to give them an idea of what you're looking for.

The magnets come in several sizes, including mini ones (20 on a page) that you can print, laminate and trim as a little gift for your students on Valentine's Day or the end of the year.

They could also tuck one into their Mother's Day card. To make this even more of a keepsake, have students glue their school photo inside the heart.

Click on the link to zip on over to my blog, where the "I Love You" card is today's featured FREEBIE. 

From Diane, over at

Learning about Superstitions for Friday the Thirteenth

This month the thirteenth is on a Friday.  I have several lessons about superstitions that I love to use with upper elementary students.  To download Friday the Thirteenth Activities, please visit this post at Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education

Flag Quilt Block

I have my students make themed paper quilt blocks throughout the year. It's a great way to connect math (geometry), social studies, and art. I use the blocks as a bulletin board display. When I take down the display, I'm able to cut the blocks apart and send them home with the students.

Here's an example of a flag quilt block.

Each block has 1" squares that are glued onto a grid that has an array of blocks that form a flag. Each student makes a block and the blocks form a quilt block. The children use stickers, paint, stencils, and stamps to decorate the flag. 

The art activity can be used for patriotic holidays like Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July, Veterans Day, and Presidents Day.

Directions and a pattern are included in this Flag Quilt Block packet.

Click on the above picture for a FREE download.

Fern Smith's FREE Time to the Five Minute Memorial Day Resource

Memorial Day Themed Time to the Five Minute Go Fish, Old Maid, ConcentrationFern Smith's FREE Memorial Day Time to the Five Minute Math Center
As a Navy Wife, here's my little way of saying THANK YOU to all my followers and other military family and friends!
 Click here to download it at my blog!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
Your kids will ♥love it!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas

Self Correcting Number Words Puzzle

Free self correcting puzzle to help students read their number words - great for math and literacy centers - free download from Raki's Rad Resources

Help your students read number words with this Number Words Self Correcting Puzzle. Students can only match each numeral to it's correct word form, so they are guaranteed to find the correct answers and build their confidence. You can download this puzzle for your math or literacy center for free from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Summer Fun Math Printables

All About Summer - Print and Go - FREE
Summer is coming soon! These 2 free activities (Roll, Add, Color, and Coins Review) are great for a math center or morning work (K-2) as summer gets near. Click HERE for the activities.  

Little Miss Muffet Sorting Mats

Little Miss Muffet is one of the Nursery Rhyme you can find in the packet.

You can use this sorting mat and cards to introduce and review Nursery Rhymes.

Children will sort pictures according to the Nursery Rhyme. 

There are poem cards, sorting mats and 6 pictures for each Nursery Rhyme. 

They are ideal for your literacy and poetry centers.

A Teachable Year

Rainbow of Love Dangler Craft

"Mom you color my world with love!" is the writing prompt that goes with this sweet dangling craftivity.

Children write something that their mom does that makes them feel loved on each of the rainbow-colored strips of paper; then they fold the strips over a ribbon or piece of yarn, and end with a heart.

Including a school photograph makes this a real keeper.

Quick, easy and fun Mother's Day card.

Click on the link to zip on over to my blog, where the "Rainbow of Love" dangler, is today's featured FREEBIE, which appears at the end of the "Shapely Frogs" article.

From Diane, over at

Sea of Knowledge's Free Positive Behavior Incentive 'School Bucks'

Looking for a new way to encourage positive behavior? Use behavior reward money. These are a great way to encourage students to keep up their positive behavior – it will also encourage their friends to act the same way. It’s essential that students understand and develop their social skills early and for teachers to incorporate small moves which helps them do so in the classroom and with their classmates.
Behaviour school bucks free 

Download these fun reward 'bucks' over at this blog post here or click on the image above! :)

Easy Peasy End-of-the-Year Student Gift!

Are you looking for a quick and easy end-of-the-year student gift you're little ones will LOVE?  Well, you're in luck; here's a HAVE A SWEET SUMMER candy bar wrapper for each a boy and a girl. Just print, cut, fold, and wrap. Head on over to Primary Teachspiration to download these FREE wrappers now!


Writing Paper for Cinco de Mayo

cinco de mayo
Are you planning to do some writing about Mexico this week? Here's some Mexico themed paper that you can use on Cinco de Mayo or any other day! Come on over to Elementary Matters for this freebie!

Mother's Day Writing Prompts and Poem

Get your students writing about Mother's Day with these free writing prompts.
You will also find a wonderful poem that your students can add to their Mother's Day Card.
If you would like these 2 freebies just click on the image above.
Thanks for all you do to make a difference for your students.

Cinco de Mayo: Making Words and Sentences

Hard to believe that it's May and time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Here's a fun activity packet for your students. This packet includes 2 different "How Many Words Can You Make" activities. Students will make as many 2,3, 4, or more letter words from "Cinco de Mayo" or "Viva La Mexico." Then they will use some of their words in sentences.
If you would like to download this free packet just click on the image the below.
Thanks for all you do to make a difference for your students.

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