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Opinion Writing Organizer and Samples

freebie, graphic organizer Kids have opinions, and they're actually pretty good at sharing these opinions, giving reasons for their opinions, and sometimes even getting their way! 

They need help getting these opinions written down in an organized manner. I have this freebie to help them out with this!

Come on over to Elementary Matters to grab your freebie!

Free Self-Correcting Puzzle for the ACK Word Family

Free self correcting word family puzzle for the ACK word family. Great literacy center and free download from Raki's Rad Resources.

This Self Correcting Word Family Puzzle gives you a great center that your early readers can complete independently. Use this puzzle as a literacy center to get your kiddos reading ACK family words on their own. Download this puzzle for free from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

FREE Western Themed Calendar

Yeehaw!  Summer is well underway.  Check out this free blank calendar to plan the rest of your summer (and maybe your theme for next school year?).

Just click HERE for your freebie. I'd love to hear what you think.

Hope you enjoy!

Billboard Frames FREEBIE from Teacher KARMA

free clipart for teachers

Using borders and frames on your classroom materials and educational resources is a wonderful way to draw your student's attention to important information!

Click here to get my newest FREEBIE, Billboard Frames in Chalkboard Style!

They are beautifully and brightly lit billboard frames with a chalkboard center... just perfect for teachers!!

Best part?  Commercial use is ok.  :)

Enjoy your FREEBIE and best wishes!
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Share This Activity at Your Back to School Faculty Meeting!

Looking for a great activity for your next staff meeting?

If you are a teacher, you probably are pretty good at expressing yourself! Did you ever wonder what it's like for your students who are not?

FREE Try this eye-opening word-finding demonstration at your next faculty meeting to experience what it might be like to have an expressive language disability. Don't read the words, just tell the color. How did you do?
Instead of reading, tell the color of each word. Is it hard?

Children with expressive language disorders may struggle with various skills, including fluently retrieving the words they want to say. 

They may know the answer, but have difficulty getting the words together, and may be slow to speak, or get the words mixed up. Imagine how frustrating that could be!

Download this free demonstration and share it at your next faculty meeting, 

When you experience the struggle for yourself, it really helps to understand your students. If you have any concerns about a student, be sure to consult with your campus SLP (speech language pathologist). They can make recommendations to help!

Read more on Speech Sprouts' blog  or head to my store and download this activity HERE!

Let me know how it went, I can't wait to hear it!

Fact Fluency Activity for Division

Quiz Me Division is a no-prep fact fluency activity.  I use it in the classroom as a math station and also as homework.

To download Quiz Me: Division, please visit this post at Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education

Free Ecology Internet Scavenger Hunt

Free internet scavenger hunt for ecology from Raki's Rad Resources.

Similar to a webquest, this Ecology Internet Scavenger Hunt guides your students through finding information about Ecology at assigned websites. Your students will have the option between using clickable links, typing directly on the scavenger hunt or using QR codes. Download all three versions from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Addition and Subtraction Fact Puzzles

Hi, Teaching Friends!

We can always use more ways to practice basic addition and subtraction facts, right?  Here's a set of two cut-and-match puzzles that are easy to make and fun to use!

Happy Teaching!

Free Rainbow Frames - Rectangular, Square, Circle, and Star

These colorful frames come in many shapes and
since it is clipart and not just a printable
I can adjust the sizes to meet your needs.

They can be used for many different projects.

The image below illustrates some examples,
the actual frames do not contain printed labels. 
Free Rainbow Frames at TPT

Preventing that summer slide-Money Task Card freebie

Summer is here but that does not mean the learning has to stop.  Right???  Well we are going to make it fun around here and simple for you.  These little task cards -12 in all- are a quick simple math tie in to your day.  Identify the coin and circle the match on the card.  The last set has you count the money and circle the correct amount.  Just a quick simply review and then you are off to have some summer fun.  Head on over and grab yours free.  :)

Sea of Knowledge's Free Summer Themed Grammar Interactive Printables First Grade

Do you need some fun interactive grammar printables to keep the kids engaged and learning throughout the summer? Head on over to the Sea of Knowledge BLOG POST HERE to grab these fun printables!


Hooray for Summer! Making Words and Sentences

Whether you are teaching summer school or looking for some fun ways to keep your children actively learning over the summer, I've put together this fun packet for you. Students will use either the phrase "Hooray for Summer," or "Summer Vacation is Here!" to make 2, 3, 4, or more letter words and then use some of the words in sentences.
If you would like to download this packet just click on the image below.
Thanks for all you do to make a difference for your students.

35 Ways to Give Positive Dojo Points

Class Dojo has been amazing to use with my second graders!  I love to use it to reinforce positive behavior. I have tried a lot of options for giving out positive points and I thought I would put a free resource for you!  Click here or on the image below to download the freebie!

Free Fruits and Vegetables Vocabulary Packet for ESL Students

Free vocabulary packet for english language learners on fruits and vegetables from Raki's Rad Resources

While reading a story with some of my language learners, I was asked "What's a cherry?" Hmmmm.... basic vocabulary that a child normally learns at home. We often forget that our language learners need that vocabulary just as much as they need to know the meaning of the word "plot" or "character". Building up vocabulary such as the words in this Fruits and Vegetables ESL Vocabulary Packet helps our students to better comprehend what they are reading. This vocabulary can also help students to build more complex sentences and stories. Even students who speak English at home sometimes need a wider range to their vocabulary. This packet includes four different levels, to meet the needs of ALL of your students. Download it today from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Free Summer Olympics Alphabet Book

Today I have a Free Summer Olympics Alphabet Book for you.
Free Summer Olympics Alphabet Book

These Olympic Games Coloring Pages also will help reinforce handwriting skills because with each letter the child can color the letter and then write the upper case and lower case letters.

CLICK HERE TO CHECKOUT THE Free Summer Olympics Alphabet Book