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Odd One Out: Customary Measurement

 I created a protocol for accountable talk called Odd One Out.  I give small groups a half sheet like the one shown below.  Students discuss and record why one of the items in the set doesn't belong.  There are multiple correct answers.  The idea is that students justify their thinking mathematically.
 To download the Customary Review freebie shown above, please visit this post at Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education

Teaching about Learning and Physical Differences

There are so many great children's books right now that focus on a character who has a physical or learning difference. Reading these books with students is a great way to build empathy or give students a window into a life with a situation that is different than their own. Or, even better, give students an opportunity to see a book character who has a challenge that is like one of their own and learn about how someone might cope.

CLICK HERE to visit my blog and download this Characters With Differences Activity Page to help students consider life with some sort of challenge. It can be used to imagine a physical challenge (such as not being able to hear) or a learning challenge (such as difficulty with reading).

The activity page can be used on its own, or it can be used with a variety of novel studies or read alouds. There are 20 book suggestions in the BLOG POST too!


Nursery Rhyme Mini Books and Activities

I love mini books! Especially for little learners. I have clear memories of my daughter filling her little hands full of mini reading books that she was given as a gift when she was little. Those mini books came everywhere with us, and we read them all the time.

These mini books are the perfect size, and will engage and motivate early readers. You students can color them in, make and read their book and then bring it home to share with their family. It's a great way to make a meaningful home-school connection, as your students excitedly bring home their mini book to read aloud!

This pack also includes two sequencing activities and a brightly colored nursery rhyme poster, to add to the nursery rhyme fun and excitement in your classroom!

Using Hungry, Hungry Hippo as a Math Center

Free addition center sheet with the game hungry, hungry hippos - ideas and sheet from Raki's Rad Resources.

My students LOVE to play games in class. Using this Addition Center Sheet and an old Hungry, Hungry Hippos game with numbers written on the marbles, I am able to keep my students engaged for a long time. For details on how to set this up and to download the center sheet, stop by my blog - Raki's Rad Resources.

FREE Spanish Syllable Learning Center!

Learning syllables is an important step in learning to read and write in Spanish.  Make it easy with this FREE syllable learning center.  Your students will scan or click on the links to take them to learning sites. They will be reading in no time!

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Kindergarten Number Sense Riddles

Hi, Teaching Friends!  

Riddles are a wonderful way to get your students' attention quickly. Once you've got your little learners focused, riddles just keep on giving as you teach content and model using key details, making inferences, and drawing conclusions. And, of course, riddles are FUN!

These math riddles are no exception! Designed for kindergarten, they're also a great tool for the beginning of the year or RTI in first grade.They're a fun way to build number sense and review math vocabulary.

Click to see the post and get even more ideas for using them in your class, and also get a free set to try out with your own students.

Happy Teaching!

Sheep-Themed Nursery Rhymes

Plug in these 4 nursery rhymes with your March, sheep-themed activities and cover this important reading genre.

Includes: "Baa Baa Black Sheep", "Mary Had A Little Lamb", "Little Bo Peep", "Little Boy Blue" plus a nursery rhyme bookmark, as well as  a list of YouTube video links perfect for Smart Boards.

Put the posters up in your classroom for a quick bulletin board.

Click on the link to zip on over to my blog, where the Sheep-themed Nursery Rhymes are today's featured FREEBIE. 

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FREE Poetry Notebook Will Change Your Teaching Life

Howdy!  Jen Bradshaw here from

FREE Poetry Notebook Resource for practicing phonics, fluency, sight words, and comprehension.

Interactive Poetry Notebooks are perfect for teaching fluency, sight words, phonics, and even comprehension.

This Poetry Notebook FREEBIE will seriously change your teaching life...

Best wishes!  

Women's History Month Activities

March is Women's History Month. This blog post includes a free quote analysis and a handout of 8 quotes by famous women in American history. Also included are a few more ideas for incorporating women's history into the classroom. This lesson will work well with upper elementary and even middle school.
Click here to see more!

Google Drawings Bonus Activity

This is a fun activity that allows students to learn more about Google Drive Drawings while creating an amusing picture. 

• Once students are done completing one of my Google Draw activities (Holiday Picture, Dinosaur, Minion, Pokemon etc.), they can create a picture of their choice.
• This resource some examples of what students created for this activity
• Note: these examples do not include step-by-step instructions like my other Google Draw activities.

Topics/Skills Covered in this Activity

• Finding the Shape Button 
• Using a Variety of Shapes
• Colouring Shapes
• Putting Shapes Together to Make a Picture

Click on the link below to download this activity...

Learning Math Facts with Math Challenges

Hi from The Classroom Nook!

Mastering math facts is a skill that students will rely on all year long, year after year.  Motivate your students to learn them...for good.... with a math facts challenge for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Find out how it works by clicking the image below:


Looks Like Language St. Patrick's Day Freebie 1

Free! Open Ended Game from Looks-Like-Language!
Lucky you! There's not just one, but two freebies this week! The first one is available at my store. It is an open ended game board for all ages. 

The color matching cards are great by themselves as a matching activity for younger kids. 

For elementary level students, you can have them answer any questions to review skills and then try to be the first one to get a set of 3 matching cards.

Then, be sure to stop by my blog, too! I have an additional page of cards you can download for FREE there. Come back every week to get the complete set!  Enjoy!

FREE Resource to Help Your Students Learn Their Sight Words

Help your students learn their sight words with this FREE PowerPoint presentation!

Your students need to learn phonics and reading strategies.  It is also important for the children to acquire a sight word vocabulary.  This resource will help your students learn their first 50 sight words.  

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Roar into March with a Poetry Packet!

Who knows if March will come in like a lion but I do know that March 1st is National Pig Day. So here's a fun poem about "Pigs" to start off your March. Students will also learn how to write a "How to be" poem of their own.
If you would like to download this packet just click on the image below.
Thanks for all you do to make a difference for your students.

Differentiated Reading Passages - Immigration

I have a reading passage for you today that includes two difficulty levels for you so you can differentiate with your students. The topic is immigration.  It also includes follow up questions to the reading passage. The topic is why people immigrated to America in the 1700s and 1800s! Click here or on the image below to check it out and always , please take a few minutes to leave feedback. I am so appreciative when you do so!