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Make African Masks with this Craftivity from Raki’s Rad Resources

Free step by step guidance sheet for how to make African Masks.  Also includes a simple rubric for students to critique the work of others.  Free Download from Raki's Rad Resources.

This African Mask Craftivity is perfect for any class exploring the continent of Africa, learning about the art of different cultures or simply experimenting with papier mache. This resource sheet includes step by step instructions and a rubric to allow students to critique the work of others.  Download this free African Mask Craftivity from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources

Bingo Bonanza With CVC Words

CVC Bingo Bonanza is a super-fun way to learn and reinforce CVC words.  There are 9 sets of 20 different bingo cards for a total of 180 CVC bingo cards (!) 2 blank cards to fill in with whatever, a tip page, an alphabetical CVC word list of 225 words + 2 certificates of praise.

Click on the link for the CVC Bingo Bonanza Word Packet.
From Diane, over at

Fern Smith's FREE A Moose For All Seasons Place Value Race Freebie

My Place Value Race Games are one of my best sellers.
This is not a sample, it is a full packet with three ways to play the Place Value Race.
1. Tens Version
2. Hundreds Version
& 3. Thousands Version
Fern Smith's FREE A Moose For All Seasons Place Value Race For You 

Click here to download it from my blog!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
Your kids will ♥love it!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick! Differentiated Roll and Cover Games

Happy Spring!  
Stop by the blog to download this month's roll and cover games to go along with the popular "Old Lady" book series.

Fern Smith's FREE Perimeter Pete Task Cards and Bonus Directional Cards

Perimeter Pete Task Cards

 Try these four task cards in your classroom today to use as a review for Perimeter!

Cut out these Directional Cards and place them on your walls, to label North, South, East and West. Then place one of the above Task Cards at the Directional Cards. Use this as a terrific brain break to get everyone up and moving around the room.
Click HERE to get these FREE directional cards to place on your classroom walls.
You can make a little game out of it by saying, "Everyone born in January and February head West." "Everyone born in November and December head East." With the directional cards I've also included an answer sheet that can be used for any task cards you place at North, South, East and West!
Click here to download the FOUR task cards at my blog!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Your students will ♥love♥ it!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies

Read and Write the Room Packet

Reading and writing the room is an interesting and fun way for students to practice a variety of standards.  You can start a read and write the room journal anytime during the year. I have used them for my kinders, 1st and 2nd graders.  No matter what the grade, they seemed to really enjoy this activity, which fits in well with Daily 5.

The packet includes:
  • 4 options for journal worksheets
  • A set of alphabet read the room worksheets
  • 3 cover options for the journal notebook
  • A roam the room ABCDe-tective worksheet
  • A set of "read the room" alphabet cards

  • A tip list of things you can do with the cards, plus
  • Kaboom cards to play an alphabet game.
These journals are a great way to show parents how their child is progressing when you have parent-teacher conferences, and make a nice keepsake at the end of the year.

Click on the link to get this fun FREEBIE: Read and Write the Room packet.
From Diane, over at

It's Time For Peeps!

Just think about that marshmallowy goodness -- or is that gooiness? Anyway, this little multiplication game is totally non - sticky. Click the picture to visit my blog and pick up a copy.

Identifying Angles QR Code Math Game FREEBIE!

In this self-checking math center, students will identify acute, obtuse, and right angles. I love these tic-tac-toe games because they help students review math skills in a repetitive, self-checking way. And only one scanning device is needed to make this game work.

 Identifying Angles QR Code Math Center Freebie

Spring Fluency Activities

Help your students build fluency with these "Spring Themed" Fluency Cards.
Students will build sentences about things you see and do in spring. Just click on the image below to download your free packet.
Thanks for all you do to make a difference for your students.

Fern Smith's FREE Museum Guard Game For You!

Museum Guard Game
A Printable Direction Sheet!
This game keeps everyone so quiet and engaged, you are going to love it! I have a printable direction sheet on my blog, feel free to download it and created an Indoor Recess Notebook of ideas!
Click here to download it at my blog!
Click here to download ALL my Free Indoor Recess Directions Printables! 
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Your students will ♥love♥ it!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies

An Egg Hunt With a Math Twist!

Have you ever had an egg hunt with your students?  Here is an idea for an egg hunt that has an academic focus!  For this activity your students can have fun while practicing skip counting by 2's and/or even and odd numbers!
I usually coincide this hunt with Easter and our oviparous animal studies but you could certainly do it at any time of the year with those left over plastic eggs! Hop on over to my blog to get the details and download your egg hunt checklist!

Ideas for Spring Writing

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Sometimes young writers need a bit of an extra spark to keep them going. Here are some spring picture writing prompts to the rescue - just print and add to your writing center! They also make great whole class lessons on the document camera. Enjoy!

Happy Teaching!

Earth Day Writing Prompt Craftivity

Earth Day is April 22nd.  As teachers, I think it's important to make a little time to discuss some simple ways how even children can make a difference. 

This "Environmental Footprint" Packet includes a writing prompt, craft patterns and a checklist of things people can do to reduce their footprint on the earth.

The packet includes 2 options. Students can simply trace their foot with their shoe on, or turn it into a flip flop with my pattern.

They can glue this to a flat earth or one that's 3D by gluing 3 "earth" circles together to make a sphere.
Children write on the shoe portion, how they will leave less of a footprint on the earth.

Click on the link for interesting blog article about carbon footprints and this fun FREEBIE: "Leave A Smaller Footprint on the Earth" writing prompt craft for Earth Day.
From Diane, over at

Easter & Spring Writing Prompts

Click on the picture below to download four Easter writing prompts and two Spring writing prompts. They are differentiated to work for any elementary level. Want to save paper? Project the prompt on the board!

Thanks for looking!

Complex Operation Posters from Raki’s Rad Resources

Free Complex Operations Posters - give your students three ways to do long division and to subtract across zeros.  From Raki's Rad Resources

Understanding that there are multiple ways to work through any type of problem builds flexibility of mind in our students.  When I was teaching overseas, I had multiple new strategies introduced to me and I created these posters to help my students understand how different strategies could be used to solve long division, long multiplication, long subtraction and long addition problems.  Download all four of these Complex Operation Posters for free from my Teachers Pay Teachers store and hang them on your bulletin board or add them to your students’ interactive notebooks.

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources  


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