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Preventing the Summer Slide Parent Handout

As teachers, we know how much students can lose over the summer months.  Here's a handout that you can send home before students leave for vacation with ideas for how to keep those kiddos reading!  Just  hop on over to the Preventing the Summer Slide blog post to download this freebie.

Beginning or End of the Year Writing Prompts

Do you have "Make awards" on your "To Do" list? If so, instead of you doing all of the work, have students pick a partner and make one for them.  The ideas in this packet, also double as super-fun writing prompts that make sweet end of the year bulletin boards too.

I've included a "Text It!" iPhone writing prompt worksheet, where students  "text" their partner a message. This can be anything from what they plan to do for the summer, to a complimentary "bucket-filling" text, which can be used as an award. 

You could also have children write a message to one of your new students that you'll have in the fall.  They can tell them about a few things they really enjoyed about this grade.  

If your students are graduating from preschool or kindergarten, you can have children "text" a message of congratulations.

There's also a "Tweet It!" bookmark writing prompt that can be used in the same fashion.  I've included samples for both that you can share with your kiddos to help explain things.

The "Wow!" speech bubble note (with 3-on-a-page for quick printing) is even more versatile, as you can also use it as a praise certificate, note from the teacher or mini award.

Finally, there's an alphabetical list of 236 positive adjectives students can use to describe the classmate they are writing these notes for. It's a great way to build vocabulary, while improving self-esteem by complimenting their friend.

All of these could also be used for the beginning of the year, when you're looking for back-to-school "icebreaker" or "bucket-filling" activities. 

Click on the link to pop on over to my blog to grab the "Beginning or End of the Year Writing Prompts.  
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Fern Smith's FREE An Introduction to Angles PowerPoint

Fern Smith's FREE An Introduction to Angles PowerPoint
Terrific for 2nd or 3rd grade. 
Fern Smith's FREE An Introduction to Angles PowerPoint
 Short and sweet and will hold everyone's attention for a terrific mini-math lesson before you break into small groups!
Click here to download it at my blog!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Your students will ♥love♥ it!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies

Black and White CHEVRON Editable Frame FREEBIE

Do you love chevron? Here's a black & white editable frame for you to use in your teacher creations!

Free Doggie Themed Calendar

You can never have enough cuteness when it comes to calendars and this adorable doggie calendar is all about the cute. And it will help you get organized, too.  Just click HERE to snag yours today.


101 Book Activities Kids Love!

This packet of 101 creative activities can be used with any books or stories. 
A variety of activities include: written response, art, poetry, music, hands on and more! 
Many are suggestions for different kinds of book reports. 


photo of 101 Book Activities Kids Love, PDF, free, book activities, Ruth S.

Snail Patterns Poke Cards FREEBIE

Students will love this math center for practicing fractions!

 Snail Patterns Poke Card Freebie

Finding "Right Fit" Books

A "right fit" book is a book that your student can enjoy reading on their own.  Reading "right fit" books helps students develop as a reader.  Here's a quick and easy strategy for students to find out if a book is just the "right fit".  Click HERE to download this printable.


"'Orange' You Glad?" Treats

Make these treats for your students at the end of the year using the summer template, or the beginning of the year using the "Orange you glad you're in __________ grade" header.

I've included headers for kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade + a blank template for you to fill in for whatever grade you teach.

If your preschool or kindergarten class has a graduation, you could also write: "Orange you glad you're graduating?"  

For quick printing, there are two headers on a page.  Simply run off on orange paper.  I added a bit more pizzazz with an orange crayon.

Fill the Baggies with a few candy orange slices, or for a more nutritious snack, give them a small orange or tangerine.

Since my Y5's love Capri Sun juice bags, I thought it would be cute to attach the header to an orange juice bag or orange juice box for another option.   As an end of the year treat, this was an inexpensive, but nice option.

Click on the link to get this quick, easy & fun FREEBIE: "Orange You Glad?" 
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Fun Practice with Antonyms

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Do your students love four-in-a-row games? Use this version in a literacy center to practice matching antonyms. Enjoy!

Happy Teaching!

Monster Bulletin Board Set FREEBIE

Show what your students have learning with this monster-themed "Wild About Learning" bulletin board set.

Tabitha Carro

Father's Day Craftivity

I always found myself with a bit of extra time at the end of the year, especially if we had to make up a bunch of snow days.

Lessons had been learned, my assessments and grades were done, and I needed a few educational, yet super-fun activities to keep my Y5's busy and my sanity in place.

With that in mind, I created this quick, easy and fun "My Dad Is Tee-rrific" Father's Day writing prompt craftivity.   Click on the link to grab your copy today.
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Summer Reading Printable read and color freebie

Hi freebie friends!

Are you ready to encourage your students to read over the summer, so they don't slide backward in their reading ability? Want to make it fun, too?

Check out my free Summer Reading Printable on TPT! 

It's 2-sided, with one side for writing the titles that the student reads. And the other side is a graph with 100 rectangles.

Your students will color in a rectangle for each 15 minutes that they read. At the end of the summer, they'll have a pretty picture and a smarter brain!

When students return to school in the fall, you can give them a prize like a scented bookmark or color-changing "mood" pencil. Or grant them special super-reader privileges, like wearing a super hero cape or reading in a special spot in your classroom or library.

I hope you and your students have lots of fun reading this summer!

Editable Owl-Themed QR Code Task Card Templates

Here's a quick way to create your own QR code task cards. Hope you enjoy!

Father's Day Writing

Dad's sometimes get left out because many schools often end before Father's Day, so students don't get to make anything for their daddies. Why not have your students write a story about their dad before leaving for the summer?

I've created a story starter that is really easy for young writers to use to create the perfect gift for dad.  Just click HERE or on the picture above to download it.

Hope you enjoy!  =)

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