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Schooltime Word Cards

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Here's a set of 23 back to school vocabulary cards with lots of uses!

* K-1 Teachers:  Put the cards in your writing center as a reference or to inspire new writing projects, like "What's in My Backpack?" stories.  You might even choose to display the cards as a mini Word Wall.

* 2nd Grade Teachers:  For an easy-to-differentiate center activity, have your students start with the first 15 cards. Then add in the 8 cards with a red star, for the added challenge of alphabetizing to the second letter.

Happy Teaching!

Play to Learn: Five in a Row Simplifying Fractions

Gomoku is a five in a row game where students roll two dice and use the answers to create a fraction.  Once that fraction is simplified, they will place a marker on a square that has the answer.  The first player to get five in a row wins.

To download Gomoku Simplifying Fractions, please visit this post at Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education
Hey all!  Introducing a new FREE resource for morning work - or even at the end of the day while packing up!

Fun Facts with Alex!

As a family, we found we were doing quite a bit of traveling.  Alex has a passport with stamps from at least 5 different countries and has visited many more via closed loop cruising (where passports are not needed).   He has been on 6 cruises ranging from 7-12 day trips each.   Some of his favorite places in DisneyWorld in Orlando, Disneyland in California, and Disneyland in Paris (maybe you have noticed a trend – haha!)

On a recent trip to Hawaii, mom realized that there are so many kids out there who don’t get an opportunity to travel like Alex.  As a former teacher, she also knows learning about interesting things outside of our regular environment can broaden the mind inviting students to think bigger.

Unfortunately this idea was hatched while on a 24-hour travel day back home AFTER the trip was over so we missed out on some amazing places and facts to share.  The good news is that the idea was hatched and that gives us even more of a reason to travel.  ;)

Thanks for stopping by and Alex looks forward to sharing some fun facts along the way!

Our vision is for science and social studies videos between 3-5 minutes that teachers can use as morning or pack up work. Alex is just starting to learn about video presence, enunciation, and the facts he will be sharing on the fly. They will get even better with time.   Eventually we will even ask for "guest vloggers" from K-5 students so that we are able to include even more cool facts from all over the world!

Stop by and check out the beginnings of what we hope to be a great resource for teachers everywhere!

~Charity Preston, Classroom Freebies creator

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FREE Inspirational Signs

Summer's almost over and it might be time to start thinking about getting ready to go back to school.  Here are some inspirational words to get you excited about the new school year.  Hang them in your classroom or maybe even in a workroom to inspire you throughout the school year.

Click HERE to grab your freebie.  I'd love to hear what you think.

Hope you enjoy!

Book Reports in the Fun Summertime Sun

Book reports are either loved or hated by those who have to do them.  Many times teachers assign them over the summer to encourage students to read .  Why not print this out for them to help them when they begin to write our their report?  Quick and easy to outline the material they read in their story.  Head on over to grab your free copy.

Short A Differentiated Read the Room

I LOVE Read the Room activities!  It gets the kids moving and learning at the same time.  Last year I implemented Read the Room during center time every week and the kids loved it!  I felt they were really learning and held accountable for their independent work at the same time!  Here is a FREEBIE Short A Differentiated Read the Room activity for you to try with your class!

Mastering the Vowel Combinations or Teams with Fun Activities

Vowel Combinations or vowel teams are some of the trickiest concepts for young readers.  The magic is making the learning activities fun and memorable so that students can master the combinations.  This freebie offers a maze, and two coloring/vowel combination searches that offer embedded visual memory strategies. Click here to go to my blog and get a direct link!

Dr. Erica Warren

Tips and Tools for Independent Reading

Does tracking your students' independent reading give you a headache? It sure drove me crazy, so I developed this method of organizing my kids free-time reading. I loved it. The kids loved it. Their parents loved it. How can you go wrong?

 Independent Reading Program

There are so many great details in this program: parent letters, book notes, bookmarks, reading logs, and book review sheets!! 

Got a Blog?

Woah!  Have you ever thought of starting your own teaching blog?  If so, I have a FREE Course that shows you just how to do it!

Now - for those of you that already HAVE a teaching blog - I don't want you to feel left out!   I have a BRAND NEW FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND Online Teacherpreneur Resource Guide!   YUP!  Almost 200 teacher blogger resources, all indexed by categories in alphabetical order!

  • Need to know where to find blog templates?  Check!
  • Looking for better productivity resources?  Got it!
  • How about social media schedulers?  You know it!

And so much more!  Seriously - I have everyone covered today if you have ever thought about creating your own teaching blog to those who are seasoned veterans.  :)

Check out the links at Teaching Blog Traffic School now!

~Charity, Your Fairy Blogmother

Terri's Teaching Treasures' Back to School Free Puzzle

We all have those moments during back the first couple of weeks where we need a filler activity. This free back to school word scramble puzzle is a sample of my Back to School Unit. I use it almost every year and the kids LOVE it.

 To get a copy for yourself, just click on the picture!!! An answer key is also included :)


School Rules Freebie!

This is an awesome activity to use during the first week of school. You can use it as morning work or as a group activity as you are going over school rules for your class. Be sure to download it here!

Helping students visualize

Our world is very visual. We see pictures and images on TV, in social media, web sites, music videos, magazines and print ads in every store window. But, students read a lot of the text that does not have images. For a deeper understand of the text it’s important for students to learn how to form these mental images.

One strategy that is great for teaching students how to form these mental images is called Mind’s Eye.  It’s so simple to implement and is a terrific way to begin a reading lesson.

Click on the image to read more about this pre-reading strategy and download a free planner and student response sheet.

 Mind's Eye-- This pre reading stragegy is a great way to get students to visualize, question and make predictions about a story.

Color Coded Number Grid

 I use these color coded number grids ALL THE TIME!
Elementary Matters

Come on over to Elementary Matters for this freebie, and some ideas on how to use it!

Back to School Emergent Reader

Start off the new school year with this free Emergent Reader. It has lots of school vocabulary and is a great way to assess your students at the beginning of the year. Students can color the pictures to match the colors of their own things at school.
If you would like to download this book, just click on the image below.
Thanks for all you do to make a difference for your students.

Back to School Brain Breaks

Brain research teaches us that students can only hold 2-4 chunks of information at a time. With all the procedures and routines that need to be taught, there will have to be plenty of built in breaks! Breaks can be anything from a quick stretch, vigorous exercise, or just a change of pace. Try this Back to School Brain Breaks freebie to help out with the need for breaks while teaching all that important information!

Come on over to Elementary Matters for your freebie!