Classroom Freebies

Place Value Matchup

Do your kids need extra help with place value?

This center will help the kids will all four forms:

- standard
- expanded
- written
- picture

You can download it from either of my shops.  :)

Hope this helps your kids!

Science Experiment Freebie!

Grab your freebie science experiment using food from my Science Is Yummy Unit! Even includes the vocabulary cards. 

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Number Cards 0-35

Here's my basic set of numbers I've printed out numerous times on assorted colored cardstock (every student can keep track of their own cards/color... and me, too!).
I use these for quick warm-up number sense activities, comparing numbers, addends, etc. I hope you can use them with your students!

Read more about how I use them & grab your own set of numbers 0-35 HERE!

Center Signs Template

This is a free template for customizable center signs, which is in a Word Document format. Also included is a .pdf of my two example center signs. When the zip file downloads, just make sure to click it twice to open the folder. Make sure to check out the blog post that explains how to use the signs so you stay organized!

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Fun Phonemic Awareness Freebie!

Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear and manipulate the sounds of a word.  It is a foundational skill for reading.  Research has shown that students who do not understand that spoken words are made up of separate speech sounds have a great deal of difficulty learning to read.  The Doggie, Where's My Bone? activity is fun game for helping students hear sounds in different word positions.  For this activity, I use a little dog bone (which I purchased at Walmart), but you can use a bingo chip.  Simply say a word and then a sound in the word ("cat" /a/) and the student places the bone either on the head, body or tail to indicate the position of the sound within the word.  For students who are a little more advanced, the Doggie Sound Switch activity is provided.

To download this freebie just click HERE.

Center Management Forms

Here are the two forms I use when I am running my centers for the week. Make sure you read the blog post to hear all about my centers!

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18 FREE Word Family Sliders

These word family sliders are great for independent centers or for small group instruction.  Teaching word families help our young readers recognize patterns within words.

For step-by-step directions for how to assemble your word family sliders, just visit the Word Family Sliders Blog Post.  You can download the file by clicking HERE.

Long E Spelling Freebies!

This is one of my STAPLES in phonics - I use these with each and every sound/spelling skill we cover. These cards have a word featuring long e (color-coded) and a matching picture. I place a sticky note on top of the picture & have the students decode the word. They can lift the sticky to check if they're right!
To try it out with your students, click here & pick up a set!
Have a terrific week!

Author's Purpose Strategies eBook

Straight from the fans of The Organized Classroom Blog's Facebook Fan Page, here is a FREE 8-page eBook that lists several tips for teaching Author's Purpose! 

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Dog Theme Reading Log

Just for fun - this dog-inspired freebie will get your students reading in no time! Check out THIS BLOG POST to get more ideas for how to expand the fun even "fur"there! 

 See you there!


Chris and Croc - visualizing

Use this book...
to help your students write an imaginative piece about them and their stuffed animal.

Have fun!

"Fighting For Our Earth" Article

I've written this article for Earth Day to help encourage students to think about what they can do to be environmentally friendly.  Read this article with your kiddos on or around Earth Day!  Click the pic to get it!  Enjoy!

Classroom Game Nook

Clip Bookmark Questionnaire

Here is a quick student questionnaire to give to students before creating their customized jumbo clip bookmarks! See {THIS BLOG POST} to find out more!


Fun Short Vowel Activity for Centers!

The Clip A Vowel activity is a great activity for your literacy centers for helping students identify the correct vowel sound in words.  Those short vowel sounds can be so tricky for our little readers.  This activity even has a self-checking feature and can be easily differentiated.  For step-by-step directions on how to make your own set of vowel sticks be sure to visit the How to Make Vowel Sticks blog post.  You can also download the free pics!


I Like Myself - writing

If you have this book...
then your students might have fun with this...
Have fun!


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