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Pointsettia Art Project

Are you looking for an easy, beautiful art project? My class was singing a poinsettia song for our Christmas concert so I wanted to tie it into art some how. I played around with different ideas and then decided on this BEAUTIFUL art project. I am so in love with how they turned out.

Click on any picture to get the details on how we completed the project and how your students can too! 

Fraction Quizzes: Fractions of a Group

I find that students struggle to understand how to find the fraction of a group.  They might understand dividing a single shape into equal pieces, but their comprehension breaks down when offered a set of objects.

Head over to this post at Artistry of Education to see how I teach this and download three short quizzes to use as entry and or exit tickets.

Artistry of Education

Sea of Knowledge's Free Alphabet Roll and Color Owl Themed

I love fall! What better way to get some new, fun and exciting alphabet printables than using some owl themed roll and color printable pages?! These Alphabet Roll and Color Owl Themed activity pages are so much fun to use! They require zero prep and are quite easy to set up!
Alphabet Roll and Color

Head on over to the BLOG POST HERE to download this freebie! 

Writing About Christmas Symbols

My students are so excited about the holidays. How about your students? Their conversations are all about Christmas presents under the tree, their elf at home, what they have planned for their winter break, Santa, and more!

It's the perfect time to place holiday writing printables at a writing center that will engage the children in writing. Here's a packet of printables called, Writing about Santa and Helpers.

The children write about Santa, a Christmas tree, reindeer, stocking, candy cane, Santa's bag, and Santa's elves. Each printable has a picture and a speech bubble beside each picture with a short sentence about each one.

They can be used at a holiday-themed literacy or writing center or assigned as independent writing activities. They're a fun way for your students to practice their writing skills while enjoying the holiday excitement.

Click HERE to download the free packet.

Snowman Money to Promote Positive Classroom Behavior

Oh it is that time of year again.  All the excitement and count down to our Holiday break.  I will let you in on a secret....I am counting down too.  :)  In order to promote and keep a little classroom order I decided to use these snowman themed snowbucks to hand out to children who are following the classroom rules.  On the last day before winter break we will open up a store for them to spend their snowbucks.  Parents will send in donations for our store and students will be able to purchase things for themselves, their friends, their parents, etc.  It is a hit ...with just a little prep...print on cardstock and laminate and they will keep year to year.  Head on over and grab your own set.

Free 1940 Time Machine Power Point

Free power point presentation explaining what life was like in the year 1940 - from Raki's Rad Resources

My students recently began reading the novel The Year of Miss Agnes which takes place in 1948 in Alaska. Because this setting is so abstract to my students, we started by taking a trip in the Time Machine to 1940. By presenting to my students this power point presentation, they have a better idea in their head about what life was like for our characters. If you'd like to share with your students what life was like in the year 1940, download this free power point from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Christmas Interactive Read Aloud

Looking for a great book to kick off the holiday season?
Head over to my blog to grab everything you need for this fun and engaging interactive read aloud for FREE!

Christmas and Hanukkah Writing Prompts

These kid-friendly Christmas and Hanukkah writing prompts are a great way to start a guided writing project. They will work great with any Paragraph of the Week program or as a stand-alone assignment. There are prompts for Opinion, Informative, and Narrative writing.

Happy Teaching,
Rachel Lynette

Need an Attitude Adjustment?

Is teacher morale something that can always be improved in your building?   Would you like to be a part of the solution to help improve it?

Grab your FREE eBook filled with ideas from fellow educators at Organized Classroom now!

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Fern Smith's FREE Christmas Centers Recording Sheet Printables

Thirteen FREE Christmas Addition and Subtraction Printable Recording Sheets To Be An Additional Resource For Your Math Center Time. 

Six Different Subtraction Strategies
Subtraction Doubles
Subtraction Doubles Plus One
Subtracting From Ten
Subtract Zero
Subtract One
Subtract Two

Six Different Addition Strategies
Addition Plus Zero
Addition Plus One
Addition Plus Two
Addition Doubles
Addition Doubles Plus One
Addition Make Ten

One Blank Is Also Included

BONUS: A thirteen page year round version is also included.
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your students will ♥ love ♥ it!

Free Christmas Syllable Sort

Are you looking for a new literacy center? Here is one of my many engaging syllable sort centers. This one is for Christmas and I know your students will LOVE it.
Students sort Christmas-themed words into 1,2,3, or 4 syllable sections. 
Easy to assemble and all you need is a file folder or large envelope!
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Free Quiz: Measuring Matter

Hi there, from The Classroom Nook!

Finishing up your science unit on measuring matter?  Assess your students on concepts including states of matter, mixtures and solutions, physical and chemical properties, and key vocabulary with this read-to-go assessment.

Snag your freebie by clicking below:

It's Hanukkah Time: Making Words and Sentences and Dreidle Book

This year Hanukkah begins on Christmas Eve. If you are looking for a fun activity for your holiday activities you might like this "It's Hanukkah Time" Making Words and Sentences activity. Students will make as many words as they can from "It's Hanukkah Time" and then write sentences with several of the words they made.
For the younger students you may like "My Dreidle Book" where students can make their own dreidle book, learn about the letters, and how to play the game.
Just click on the image below to download either of the the activities above.
Thanks for all you do to make a difference for your students.

Reading Passage - Immigration

It is quite a challenge to teach immigration to elementary students and finding appropriate, readable materials is tough, too. If you're in the same boat, check out this freebie!  It includes a reading passage with two difficulty levels for differentiation as well as follow up questions to the reading passage. The topic is why people immigrated to America in the 1700s and 1800s! Click here or on the image below to take a look and always, please take a few minutes to leave feedback. I am so appreciative when you do so!

Free Economics Internet Scavenger Hunt

Free internet scavenger hunt on producers and consumers for primary students - from Raki's Rad Resources.

Internet research is an essential skill for students today. It's never too early to start students with this skill. This Producers and Consumers Internet Scavenger Hunt for Primary Students gives younger students a chance to begin learning how to do internet research with websites on their level and QR codes to simplify the process. Download this internet scavenger hunt from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.