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The season of Advent starts on Sunday!

Here is a no prep printable lesson for Sunday School or Classroom use.

Download from TPT store

Fern Smith's FREE Equal Groups Task Cards with a Cupcake Theme

Visit my blog for these four task cards to practice working on equal groups with your third graders. Two cards with words and two cards with pictures of groups of cupcakes.
Click here to download the FOUR task cards at my blog!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Your students will ♥love♥ it!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies

December Holidays Syllable Sort

For many of you the weather outside is frightful so here is a delightful December Holidays Literacy Center Activity. Students will sort Picture Word Cards like this one into 1, 2, or 3 syllable words.

If you would like to download the complete packet just click on the image below.
Thanks for all you do to make a difference for your students. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Santa's List Writing Prompt Activities

Are you using the Elf on a Shelf elf for a super-fun behavior modification tool in December?  Then you'll especially enjoy this "Santa's List" writing prompt.

Scenario: The elf is watching and reporting back to Santa.  Students write why they think that they should be on Santa's "nice" list.  After students share their page, collect, collate, add the cover and make into a class book.

The packet includes a Santa's List poster to use as a good-behavior motivator, as well as a template for students to write a note to their Elf on a Shelf or to Santa.  These make fun Daily 5 writing activities.

Click on the link for this fun FREEBIE: Santa's List Writing Packet. 
From Diane, over at

Countdown to Christmas Activities

This packet includes a variety of quick, easy and interesting ways for your kiddos to countdown to Christmas.

Counting down is a great way to help your students practice counting backwards, as well as visually be able to "see" the passage of time, which is a rather abstract concept for young children.

I've included a file folder cover, which your students can decorate, to keep all of their countdown work in.  Since there's a nice variety of options, why not have them do a countdown that they can color, another they bingo dot, and finally, one that they earn stickers for.

Children keep their work in the folder and take it out each day to countdown.  Only takes a few minutes, and frees you up to work with students one-on-one.  Send the folder home on the last day before vacation, so students can finish their countdown at home.

Click on the link to get your copy of the Countdown to Christmas packet. 
From Diane, over at

Free Christmas Lights Printable and Clip Art

Here is something to brighten your day!

Free Christmas Twinkle Lights Clip Art
Multicolor, blue, orange, yellow and red!

Free Twinkle Light Clip art at TPT store
Free Twinkle Light Clip art for TPT store

Free Printable from this blog only

Fern Smith's FREE Ocean Doubles in Addition Task Cards
 Four Ocean Themed Addition Doubles Task Cards
 Try these four task cards in your classroom today!
Click over to my blog to download them.
Cut out these Directional Cards and place them on your walls, to label North, South, East and West. Then place one of the above Task Cards at the Directional Cards. For a brain break, this helps to get everyone up and moving. You can make a little game out of it by saying, "Everyone with green shirts head West." "Everyone with black shoes on head East." With the directional cards I've also included an answer sheet that can be used for any task cards you place at North, South, East and West!
Click here to download the FOUR task cards at my blog!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Your students will ♥love♥ it!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies

Let's Trim The Tree & Santa's Beard To Countdown To Christmas

Choose one of these Christmas countdown activities, or give your students a choice.

These craftivities are wonderful fine motor practice. Scissor "snipping" helps strengthen children's finger muscles.  They'll enjoy counting down to Christmas day as they "trim" the Christmas tree or Santa's beard.

You could also make a sample to hang in your calendar center.  Each day, choose a different child to trim away.  This activity will give students a "visual" of the passage of time, as well as help reinforce counting backwards.

Once either of the countdowns are completely trimmed, they make cute paper ornaments or gift tags. 

Click on the link to grab this fun FREEBIE: Countdown to Christmas scissor snipping fun. 
From Diane, over at

Free Digital Teacher Magazine!

Hey friends!  I am SUPER excited to share something with you if you haven't seen it...

The Organized Classroom Magazine!

I created this fun interactive digital magazine as a call from teachers all over the world for classroom organization help.  It includes embedded videos and websites, and even allows you to print or download for offline reading!

In every issue you get:

  • Practical solutions, tips, and tricks for organizing your classroom
  • Fast, simple organization challenges for the upcoming month
  • Stories and suggestions from fellow teachers

Stop by Organized Classroom now to read the March issue, which is always and forever free!  See you there!

Fraction Matching

Are you working on fractions yet? It can be a tough concept for students, so I like to do lots of hands-on activities with them. This one I created to use in the winter (even though we are in Central Florida!) with a penguin theme.

Click the picture to download this freebie from my store.

Christmas Around The World Packet

This Christmas Around the World packet is a wonderfully fun way to teach geography and practice all sorts of other standards.
Everything is stored in this really cute cereal box "suitcase".  I've included "stickers" so your kiddos can decorate theirs as well.

I used file folders that flip open like a briefcase, and glued on library pocket envelopes to hold "important stuff" like tickets and a passport, much like a real briefcase.
The packet includes:
  • Directions for a cereal - box suitcase complete with travel stickers and luggage tag, to fill up with souvenirs (art projects and lessons)
  • 7 art projects
  • 7 graphs
  • 27 countries (pictures of countries and their flags)
  • How to say "Merry Christmas" in those languages
  • 3 letters of explanation about the program to send home to parents + a reminder note
  • Christmas Around The World Passport
  • Airline tickets
  • Train ticket
  • A list of helpful websites
  • Country research writing pages
  • State research writing pages
  • Travel journal (early + upper el.)
  • If you REALLY could travel around the world writing prompt.
  • 2 class books to make
  • + complete directions of how to implement this fun unit in your classroom
Click on the link to pop on over to my blog to grab this fun-filled FREEBIE: Christmas Around the World packet.
From Diane, over at

Fern Smith's FREE Introduction to Symmetry Resources

Fern Smith's FREE Symmetry PowerPoint and PDF!

This is an introduction for your students on Symmetry. It also includes a rectangle that confuses them every year on our old FCAT, possibly your standardized tests too! I have saved it for you as a PowerPoint and as a PDF, your choice! 
 Answer keys are also included!

Fern Smith's FREE Symmetry PowerPoint and PDF!
Click here to download it at my blog!
Fern Smith's FREE Symmetry PowerPoint and PDF!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Your kids will ♥love it!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies

Welcome to Manic Monday at Classroom Freebies!

Welcome to Manic Monday at Classroom Freebies!  Yay!

Here are the rules so please play along the right way:

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Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Thanks so much for playing by the rules and supporting one another in true CF spirit!  Your post will be seen by thousands of CF readers via email subscriptions and RSS readers, Facebook and Twitter fans, and Pinterest followers.  Make it good!  I can't wait to see all the amazing freebies out there!

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