Classroom Freebies

Super Bowl Mapping and Writing

It's Super Bowl time! Come on over to Elementary Matters for a mapping and writing freebie!Are your students getting excited about the upcoming Super Bowl? Here's a little freebie to get some learning out of that excitement!It's Super Bowl time! Come on over to Elementary Matters for a mapping and writing freebie!
It's Super Bowl time! Come on over to Elementary Matters for a mapping and writing freebie!

Free Groundhog Day 120 Chart Mystery Picture

Grab this fun and simple math activity for Groundhog Day! No prep for you, but engaging for your students. They will use the code provided to color in the squares on the 120 chart.

Social Studies Inquiry Lesson: Artifact Analysis

This Artifact Analysis form can be used with a trunk of artifacts from a museum or on a field trip to a museum itself.  When I want students to focus in on one artifact, describe it, and make inferences about how it was used, this is the form I use.

You can download Artifact Analysis Form from Artistry of Education @ Teachers Pay Teachers.

Sea of Knowledge's Free Letter Tracing Activities Winter Theme

These cards help kids form and identify their letters. They will trace the letter found on the card, then clip the matching upper and lowercase letters on the card.

Head on over to the BLOG POST HERE to download this freebie! 

Digraphs CH & SH Digital Task Cards Freebie

Have you heard of BOOM Learning?

I have a FREE deck of BOOM Digital Task Cards for you to try in my TPT Store (Teachers Pay Teachers). Click on the picture to go to my blog to learn more about my freebie and to get the link.
BOOM Digital Task Cards - Digraphs Ch & Sh

Boom Learning is a fairly new site which provides digital learning with fun, paperless, digital cards.
Boom Cards can be played on interactive whiteboards, computers and tablets. An internet connection is required.

The cards can be played over and over again and are self-checking

Happy Teaching!


Winter Sports Task Cards Template

The winter games are quickly approaching. Here are some templates that can be used to create your own games, task cards, or flashcards. Just add a text box or image and you are ready to go.

If you are interested in more winter games activities for math and literacy, check out this post on my blog. Click on the image below to get there.

This was always a great learning time for my students and I hope it will be for yours too as we watch on around the world. 

Free Second Grade Math Problem Solving Journal

Free second grade problem solving path math word problem journal from Raki's Rad Resources.

Real life problem solving needs to start sooner rather than later! Connecting math word problems to locations in a child's neighborhood helps them to understand that math has real life applications. This Problem Solving Path Journal for 2nd Grade gives students 10 word problems that take place in real neighborhood places like the post office, the pizza parlor and the supermarket. Each word problem is set into a handy problem solving graphic organizer with a provided grading rubric. Download this free month long math journal today from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Teaching Theme (FREE Mini-Training & Download)

Hello from The Classroom Nook!

Do your students struggle with understanding and identifying theme of the books you are reading?  Mine did too -- until I started implementing this AWESOME strategy that finally made all the lightbulbs go off!

Check out this post with a free mini-training that will walk you through step-by-step how to teach theme to students in a way that makes sense.  The post also includes an option download with resources to help you get started!


Susan Berkowitz's AAC from A to Z: C is for Core

Finding bite-sized, simple and direct instructions to give to parents and teachers can be difficult. Many discussions about Augmentative-Alternative Communication get too technical too quickly.

That's why I created these short explainer videos for parents, teachers - even SLPs who are new to AAC.
This week, I'm sharing C is for Core.
Core vocabulary is crucial in developing language skills among students who are learning to use AAC.  Use of core words is what allows us to generate new messages all the time, with a limited number of words.  
For the average adult, that number is between 300-500 words.  Not very many when you think of all the words we know!

Enjoy, and keep on talking - in pictures.

100th Day of School Activities

The hundredth day of school is a big deal in lower elementary (even if my students always thought it meant it was the last day of the year.) I loved doing centers with them that focused on the number 100 but covered math, literacy, science and social studies. This freebie is a sample of two of my centers that are perfect for the 100th day of school.
Free 100th day of School activity pages, perfect for celebrating the hundredth day of school and getting in some #writing and #socialstudies. #sarajcreations #100sday

Social Studies and Science Brain Breaks

Science and Social Studies Brain Breaks
Children really need to move, and here's a fun way to do it AND keep them learning! Click the image to download your freebie!

Sea of Knowledge (123 Homeschool 4 Me)'s Winter Theme Counting Cards Free

Use any manipulatives with this set of cards to get the kids practising their counting skills. These fun snowman themed count, show, write and wipe cards are just perfect for that!

Head on over to the BLOG POST HERE to download this freebie! 

Figurative Language Task for Mister and Me

Mister and Me is a one of my favorite historical fiction stories to read with a class. Set in 1940s Louisiana, it allows you to talk about the racism that was occuring while also covering a good story about growing up and accepting change. Additionally, this book has a lot of great idioms and figurative language, which give me a chance to talk with students about this non-literal language. I created this Language Task to use this book when covering this important skill. It works well for my English Language Learners and native speakers alike. Download this free task from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. 

All About Democracy

Understanding how our government works is important.  I created this Democracy freebie to help students learn more about the history of our government, representation, and the importance of choosing good leaders.  The lesson includes activities for students to learn more about their own representatives at the local as well as the National level.  A great way for students to learn more about our Nation.

Free Kindergarten Football Worksheets

The Superbowl is quickly approaching. Are you ready for some football? Whether your team is playing or not, it is always fun to relax and watch the game (or commercials!) Today we have some fun kindergarten football worksheets for you! These printable worksheets will bring smiles and will help make learning fun! They are color by letter/color by sight word/color by color worksheets. There are three worksheets in all. Get in the game and football spirit and pick up these Kindergarten football worksheets today! You could also use them at a preschool level. Hop on over to Mrs. Karle's Sight and Sound Reading and make learning fun!