Charity Preston from Teaching Blog Traffic School and Classroom Freebies presents...

 Setting up Webinars for Teachers!

If you are a teacherpreneur and want to learn more about creating and running Webinars, you’ll want to join me for this one time presentation.  

Even if you don’t have a blog or website or even sell anything, you could maximize your current sales multiple times over.  

Come to this complimentary online 30 minute workshop to learn:  

  • What tech tools you need to run a seamless webinar
  • How to quickly get over your fear of the camera
  • Choosing what topic you will share with your viewers that they will be begging to attend
  •  Promotion for your webinar
  • Wrapping up and getting sales right away 

Oh No! You missed the Broadcast!

But if you would still like to add the training to your business learning resources you have a couple options:  

1. You can purchase the archived copy of the video training, which also includes a full transcript, so if you prefer to read the show notes, you will have that option. An email will be sent with the video and transcript links within 48 hours after the event takes place. The cost for this is a one-time fee of $29. Click HERE to purchase this month's training.  


2. Sign up as a CF Collective Author! These monthly trainings - including both the videos and the transcripts - are 100% included in the membership. PLUS - you also receive these extras:  

  • Author Rights at Classroom Freebies
  • Amazon Affiliate Income (optional)
  • Private CF Authors Facebook Group
  • Blog Post Boosters Email Series
  • Author Focus Feature
  • First Inclusion on Special Seller Events
  • CFC Affiliate Program
  • NEW! Monthly Up-to-Date Training Library with the questions being answered coming straight from the members!

Value = $600! The cost is a quarterly membership fee. Find those details HERE.