CF Collective December Bundle

CF Collective December Bundle!

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Hey there teacher friend! Do you struggle to find fresh seasonal classroom resources for your grade level?

Classroom Freebies Collective

CF Collective Authors have you covered!

They will save you time and help to make this holiday season one of the most enjoyable ever! Check out what they have pulled together for you!

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38 products! Almost 250 pages of resources!

RESOURCE ONE: Common Core Morning Work - Grade 1 ~ Christmas Edition  

Pages: 9  

It includes both English Language Arts and math. Every problem is coded with its Common Core State Standard. It has a complete answer key! This one week of CCSS morning work is great to use during the final week before winter break or any time during the holiday season!

Included are: *5 1st Grade Morning Work practice pages *Answer Key *Resource Background *How To Use 1st Grade Common Core Morning Work *Editing Marks poster -will serve as a constant reference for students; can be copied for each student, posted in the class- room or center, or projected as a transparency.

What teachers are saying: “Thank you-great review/practice of skills.”  

“These were a nice change for us!”  

“Nice compliment to the regular morning work units.”

RESOURCE TWO: Common Core Morning Work - Grade 2 ~ Christmas Edition 

Pages: 9  

It includes both English Language Arts & math. Every problem is coded with its Common Core State Standard. It has a complete answer key! This one week of CCSS morning work is great to use during the final week before winter break or any time during the holiday season!

Included are: *5 Morning Work practice pages *Answer Key *Resource Background *How To Use Common Core Morning Work *Editing Marks poster -will serve as a constant reference for students; can be copied for each student, posted in the class- room or center, or projected as a transparency.

What teachers are saying: “Great winter morning work.”  

Kids loved them!”  

This is great and I love using it with my class!

RESOURCE THREE: Christmas and Holidays Around the World STEM Challenge Passport  

Pages: 5  

Included are five pages that you can use to create a passport. Just cut the dotted lines on each page, put the cut pieces in order, and staple on the side like a small booklet. Voila! You now have a Christmas and Holidays Around the World STEM Challenge Passport!

The sheets come in black and white for your printing convenience. Students can also color and design their own passports. Aside from the 12 places whose stamps were included (Africa, Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, and United States), I also included blank stamps that you can customize in case you're doing other countries as well.  

What teachers are saying: “A SPLENDID addition to my Christmas collection, thank YOU!”  

This is a fun way for kids to keep track of their stem challenges! Thanks for the great resource!”  

Thank you! I love anything that has to do with exploration of tradition and culture around the world. This is wonderful! Thank you! :-)

RESOURCE FOUR: 8 Winter Math Games for First Grade 

Pages: 8

Are you looking for math games that will bring review topics into your math rotations throughout the winter? 

Try this set of eight low-prep winter math games for addition, subtraction, place value, and mixed practice! You'll find the variety you need for effective review!

Each game is just one page. There are no cards to print and cut ... which means that there are no cards to lose! Just add dice and you're ready to go! These games are so easy to prepare that you just might find yourself using them the same day that you download them!  

These games are perfect for math tubs, Fun Friday, tutors, small groups, homeschoolers, and math interventionists.  

What teachers are saying: “Thank you so much! :-) My first graders will love these games. I like that there are some easy and some challenging games!”  

Thank you!”  

RESOURCE FIVE: Winter Sight Word Phrases

Pages: 6  

Use this set of 19 winter phrase cards with your primary grade students as they learn to group words together for fluent phrasing. They're fun to use for quick-paced fluency practice at the beginning of a guided reading lesson, or punch a hole in each card, ring them together, and use the set in a literacy center!  

Two follow-up activities are also included: a "Beat the Clock" partner page suitable for a literacy center, and an independent written activity for turning phrases into complete sentences.  

CCSS 1.RFS.4  

What teachers are saying: “ALL quality products and resources from Primary Inspiration by Linda Nelson. Very impressive work. Creative. Thank you for sharing your hard work with us.”  

Fluency practice is a must. Thank you for this resource.”  

Love this! Can really help the struggling writer!

RESOURCE SIX: December Graphs and Tallies

Pages: 7  

This set of six tallying and graphing activities will bring the fun of winter and its many holidays into your math lessons! So easy to prep - just print and go! When completed, use all the data collection pages for a great December bulletin board display. There's also a cover provided, so you can easily take the finished graphs and bind them into a class book for your classroom library.

How does graphing and tallying help your little learners?

Building graphs together is a great way to build classroom community! As your students get to know one another, you can guide discussions regarding our similarities and differences at both the individual and cultural levels. Try using a graph as the basis for a December Morning meeting!

Many of our young students aren’t confident in expressing and justifying their opinions. Tallying and graphing together is a way to encourage your students to think about their own opinions, express them in a kind way, and not just go along with whatever their friends say.

Collecting, recording, and analyzing data helps our students make sense of their world. It teaches them to expect and recognize patterns in math ... and in life!

Experiences in recording and analyzing data like the ones in this set address math standards {K.MD.B.3, 1.MD.C.4} in a fun and interesting way that relates to our students' own lives!  

What teachers are saying: “Thanks for the graphing activities”  

Perfect for this time of year--makes learning fun! Thank you!”  

Fantastic, creative, educational resources. SUPERB! Thank you”  

RESOURCE SEVEN: 120 Chart Christmas Addition Game

Pages: 1  

Everyone loves 120 chart games! Practice adding one and two by counting on with this easy prep holiday-themed board game!

How will you use this game in your classroom? It's a great game for your math centers or math tubs.

Do you have an upper grade buddy class? Make some copies of Candy Cane Count-On for your December or January meet-ups!

Tutors, it's easy to keep your students focused when you use a fun game, even during those crazy days before the holidays.

Keep a few copies on hand for your early finishers.

Add Candy Cane Count-On to your collection for Fun Fridays this winter.

Got a few extra minutes? Put the game board on your document camera and play a game of Class Vs. Teacher.

Candy Cane Count-On will help you address Common Core Standard 1.NBT.A.1.  

What teachers are saying: “Thank you for sharing your creativity! My kids are loving playing games on the 120 chart!

"We used these in our math rounds all month! The students played over and over and loved it! Thank you for bringing something new for my students to enjoy learning!"

"This will be a nice follow up after being outside in the snow. That last week we have lots of fun and having hot cocoa is one of them. Thanks."


RESOURCE EIGHT: Christmas Around the World Reading Comprehension Passage

Pages: 1  

Help your students become more confident readers with this fun and interactive passage, perfect for Christmas! Students will build stamina and fluency while finding text evidence, making inferences, and learning about Christmas in Finland.  

What teachers are saying: “Wonderful! Thank you!

Great close reading for before break!

My class absolutely enjoyed this activity.


RESOURCE NINE: Winter Color the Room

Pages: 5  

This winter literacy center gets your little learners up and engaged in reading color words and following directions. You may choose to address the 8 basic colors (red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, brown, and black) or the 8 basic colors plus pink, white, and gray. Use the first 2 pages of cards to address the 8 basic colors. Use all 3 pages of cards to address all 11 colors included. Recording pages are included for each option.  

Print, laminate, and cut out the cards. Make copies of the recording page for the option you have selected.  

Hang the cards in places all around the room. (You may place a container of crayons, markers, or colored pencils at each card location or allow learners to carry their own supplies to each card.) Give each student a clipboard and recording page. (If crayons/markers/colored pencils are not at each card station, remind learners to take their own as they complete the activity.) Learners search the room for the cards. When they find a card, they read the card and color the object the correct color on the recording sheet.  

This resource supports the ELA Common Core Standards for Print Concepts, Phonics and Word Recognition, and Fluency.  

What teachers are saying: “What a great idea. My kids will love walking around the room and working on this.

Fun and a great way to save paper!

Thank you! : )

RESOURCE TEN: New Year's Activities Interactive Notebook Lapbook  

Pages: 9  

What better way to ring in the New Year than with this fun activity!!! Get your students excited to learn all about this special day! They will explore all about New Year’s in this fun, hands-on, interactive Lapbook! Your students will be engaged and learn about New Year’s in many different ways!  

What activities are included: ☆ All About Me Flip Book ☆ My Resolutions ☆ My Favorite Things ☆ Best thing about last year writing prompt ☆ Goal for This Year writing prompt ☆ This year I plan to writing prompt ☆ and more  

What do I still need? ☆ file folder, construction paper, or notebook ☆ scissors ☆ glue ☆ markers, crayons, or colored pencils That is it!  

How can this be used? This resource can be used in many different ways. Please use this as it best fits your classroom and your students. You can have your students create a lapbook from a file folder so they have a keepsake to bring home. Students can also use these activities in an interactive notebook and keep them throughout the school year.  

This is a great way for your kids to be engaged in learning about New Year’s! If you have any questions please let me know! Hope you and your students have a great time exploring New Year’s Day!  

What teachers are saying: “Oh my goodness!!! CREATIVE and cute! This is a great idea. So clever! (CAn you tell I love this???!!!) Thank you!”

"I love the size of this fun project! Thanks for sharing!"

"Love the format of this super cute activity. I'm sure my kids will love it!"

RESOURCE ELEVEN: Visual Recipe for Reindeer Chow  

Pages: 4  

Cooking in the classroom is the IT thing to do right now. Seriously. Look it up.  

The skills you cover are endless and the students are engaged because... uhh, hello... FOOD!  

What do I get? • 1 full sheet recipe card for Reindeer Chow • belt images (to cut out) • 1 sequencing mat • 1 visual recipe (cut out and paste onto sequencing mat)  

What teachers are saying: “Outstanding product! I love your step by step visual student instructions! This is great for English language learners. Thanks for sharing!”

"VERY helpful and delicious practical recipe"

"Such a fun way to incorporate fractions also! Thanks for an amazingly fun activity!"

RESOURCE TWELVE: "We Love Cookies!" Pennant Banner Worksheet  

Pages: 10  

Banners and Pennants are an easy, trendy way to decorate the 21st Century Classroom! This file contains a banner that can be printed and used for classroom or hallway displays at any elementary grade level. Simply print on cardstock, cut, laminate, string together with ribbon and hang!  

This file includes: 3 Pennant Worksheets to Create a "We Love Cookies" Class Banner and/or "My Favorite Cookie" Class Graph/ Banner 1 Decorative Pennant *All in both color and black/white!  

What teachers are saying: “This is soooo adorable. Thank you so much for sharing.”

"I love these. They would be useful for Social Emotional Learning(SEL) lessons that we have over here in Singapore primary schools. :)"

"Perfect for the holiday season!"

RESOURCE THIRTEEN: Christmas Traditions and Origins Keynote  

Use this slideshow to share with your students some traditions and the origins of Christmas! 

Perfect for grades 3-8 teachers!

It's Gone Forever When the Timer Hits Zero!


38 products! Over 400 pages of resources!

RESOURCE FOURTEEN: Behavior Management WINTER Edition

Pages: 4  

We want to recognize positive student behavior so that students do more of it. We also want to have more positive communication with parents. We also are short on time. 

“You’ve been caught being…” is the answer to accomplish all three of these objectives at once! “You’ve been caught being…” cards praise students for positive behavior and notify parents with little effort on your part. 

Simply print multiple copies of the cards, cut apart and place in your organizational system. 

Print out a set of student address labels and place on envelopes. 

Now, be on the look out for positive behaviors in your students. 

When the positive behavior(s) are observed, pull out the corresponding card, add the student’s name, sign your name, place in the pre-addressed envelope and mail to the student’s home. 

Students love to get mail, parents love positive notes and you can keep track of who you need to send notes home to based on the envelopes left. 

Set a goal to send one home for each student a month.  

What teachers are saying: “This is SO good! Thanks to YOU!”  

My students loved getting these! Thanks for sharing & reminding me to be more positive.

"This is great, especially for those who need that extra reinforcement. Thanks!"

RESOURCE FIFTEEN: A Snowman Diamante

Pages: 1  

Christmas is over and you need to motivate the students to write again. Look no further. Download this one sheet activity and have the students produce an instant Diamante Poem and review adjectives and verbs too! Common Core Aligned.  

What teachers are saying: “Really loved this product. Thank you for making it!”  

Such a fun activity for winter.”  

"Thank you! Creative way to add writing to my lessons!"

RESOURCE SIXTEEN: Meaning of Christmas

Pages: 2  

This activity sheet will give the students an opportunity to think and write about what Christmas means to them. 

After the students complete this activity, they could draw a picture to illustrate what they wrote about.

Also included is a Christmas Word Map. A word map is a visual organizer that assists students in developing their understanding of a word.  

What teachers are saying: “This product can be used with ESL Learners.”  

That's a lovely Christmas activity! Thank you for sharing!

Wonderful! A perfect Christmas activity!

RESOURCE SEVENTEEN: Equivalent Fractions Winter Monster Sort! 

Pages: 12  

This product is intended for use in centers. The product includes two "sorts" or can be combined into one.  

-Sort one: Equivalent Fractions divisible by 2. (Numerators are 1 and 2) -Sort two: Equivalent Fractions divisible by 2. (Numerators are 2 and 4)

This product is great for hands-on and visual learners! It allows students to sort and match equivalent fractions. 

It is perfect for centers or for one on one practice with the teacher.

What teachers are saying: “Task cards are always a big hit with my students! The monster theme can only help! Very clear directions and easy for students to follow on their own!”  

A creative and fun resource to learn or review equivalent fractions!”  

Students will enjoy this fun resource! Thank you!

RESOURCE EIGHTEEN: Christmas Edition:Ted Talk/Video Worksheet - Response to text (Listening skills)

Pages: 6  

contains a Christmas-themed and a general listening worksheet you can use with any Ted Talk presentation or short video. This worksheet has three sections: before watching, while watching and after watching. Black and white version included.

What is included? 1 Christmas-themed worksheet - colored option 1 Christmas-themed worksheet - black and white option 1 general listening worksheet to be used throughout the year

This resource focuses on the following strategies: Before watching: predicting While watching: finding the main idea, recording keywords and important ideas After watching: personal response to the text and formulating two questions related to the issue (these questions will be discussed in small teams). 

RESOURCE NINETEEN: Christmas Activity Sheets

Pages: 10  

If you are looking for an extra Christmas activity for your classroom or home school look no further. Includes:  

-three Color It, Read It, Write It worksheets for Christmas Vocabulary building and handwriting practice -Christmas word search to practice finding the new Christmas vocabulary words -Christmas flip book with handwriting practice -Christmas color by sight word sheet -Christmas coloring sheet just for fun!  

This packet is a great addition to any Christmas activities you might have planned! It works great for the class as a whole, groups, centers, homework, early finishers, or bell ringers.  

What teachers are saying: “Super fun activities to use to celebrate Christmas. Great practice for students. Thanks.”  

My daughter is going to LOVE this! I plan on using it with her over winter break to keep her engaged and focused on learning. Thank you for an awesome product! ”  

So many fun activities to keep the students engaged during the holidays! Thank you for this resource! 

RESOURCE TWENTY: Snowman Soup Student Gift for Winter Holidays

Pages: 3  

Great gift for students during the winter holidays. Add a hot chocolate packet and a candy cane. You may also include marshmallows.  

What teachers are saying: “Thanks for sharing!!!  

RESOURCE TWENTY-ONE: Sight Word Activity for Winter

Pages: 5  

Board games are a great way to incorporate cooperative learning, taking turns, problem solving, and many social skills that students just do not get enough practice with. I try to incorporate games as much as I can. I found the perfect way to use games in my phonics lesson. These are a great addition to small groups, guided reading, RTI interventions and then make the perfect center for even more practice!  

The best part? This board game can be incorporated into any CORE Reading Program! 

How to play:  

1. Print out the game cards, cut them out 2. Print out the game board. 3. Students will take turns reading the word card, rolling the dice and moving their game piece.  

What teachers are saying: “Great game!!! My students will enjoy this. Thank you!

Just LOVE the variety that this 'deelish' resource affords! So many thanks to YOU!

Thank you, a great way for my students to practice their sight words.

RESOURCE TWENTY-TWO: Christmas and Winter Beginning Sound Sort Cut and Paste

Pages: 11  

Includes a picture sort for Cc, Mm, Ss, and Pp. Print the color letter cards and the color picture cards and have students sort them whole group or small group on a pocket chart. Then for independent practice, there are half sized pages so they can cut out pictures and sort them! There is also a sort with all four letter sounds!

This is a great way to review beginning sounds in December or January. I used them for my intervention groups.  

What teachers are saying: “Thank you.

RESOURCE TWENTY-THREE: 12 Days of Gratitude Jar  

Pages: 5  

We always talk about the 12 Days of Christmas - how about a fun twist on the idea for November and instead celebrate the 12 Days of Gratitude?

 Make sure to check out THIS BLOG POST for how to easily implement this fun jar - then come back and download the corresponding pages to make it happen. I have also included a grayscale version in addition to the color version for those who don't have access to a color printer. Enjoy!  

What teachers are saying: “Super idea -- my whole team is going to do this with our kids!”  

“Love this ~ I think I'll use it at home as well as with my students! Honestly, with all the stress of record-keeping, high case loads and extensive assessments, I really need to take time to remind myself how many things I have to be thankful each day!”  

“I am thankful for you!”  

RESOURCE TWENTY-FOUR: Fact Families Christmas Game  

Pages: 1  

Snatch up this fact family game to get your students in the Christmas spirit. Your students will LOVE practicing their multiplication and division facts with this game!

Laminate or use page protectors and dry erase markers to make your new product reusable and more durable.  

What teachers are saying: “Fantastic for the holidays! Thank you for such a high quality and very useful resource!” 

RESOURCE TWENTY-FIVE: Winter Tracing / Cutting Strips  

Pages: 6  

Help improve your students pre-writing skills with these Winter Trace / Cutting Strips.

Pre-writing skills aids in a student’s ability to draws, write, copy and hold a pencil.

This packet includes 6 color strips and 6 black and white strips, for a total of 12 strips.

I recommend laminating the tracing strips and using them with a dry erase marker.

I hope you and your students enjoy this Winter Tracing Activity.

What teachers are saying: “I love how I can use this to help my students write better, or use for cutting practice. These are definitely skills students need!”  

Students need lots of practice with this skill! These are adorable!”  

Perfect for winter centers!

RESOURCE TWENTY-SIX: December Behavior Clip Chart - Santa Theme 

Pages: 10  

As the holidays approach and the little ones become more excited, use this December Behavior Clip Chart to help them keep their classroom behavior appropriate.  

To use the clip chart simply print and laminate. Write each students name or number on a clothespin or clip. Each day all students begin on “Ready to Learn” As the day progresses they can move up by demonstrating excellent behavior and work habits, or down for rule infringement.

What teachers are saying: “This is a fun resource that will make it easy to add a little holiday decorating to the room. Thank you.”  

Perfect for my special ed kiddos - thanks for sharing this excellent, engaging behavior management resource. ”  

I think this is so cute and a fun way to keep our thoughts on our behavior during this busy season! Thank you!

RESOURCE TWENTY-SEVEN: Winter Activity for Autism and Speech Therapy  

Pages: 6  

Snowflakes Same and Different Sorting Activity for Autism and Special Needs, a simple exercise to develop kids’ discrimination ability, great for early childhood and students with autism and special needs.

There are 6 pages to be printed on photo paper and laminated. Cut out the boards and the cards and use velcro in the middle of each blank square on the boards and on the back side of each card.  

What teachers are saying: “Very well done! Great for learning stations or individual learning! Thank you!”  

Thank you! Great for use in learning stations or bulletin board.”  

Thank you! Using in independent task boxes!

RESOURCE TWENTY-EIGHT: Christmas Coloring Pages: 8 Winter Math Games for First Grade 

Pages: 4

Winter and Christmas Coloring Worksheets for Kindergarten, Autism and Special Education.

This is a usefull resource for young kids that learn colors. It can be also used as an individual task in classrom activities.  

What teachers are saying: “Very pretty pictures. Kids will have fun coloring these in. Great for learning colors.”  

simple and effective

I have students learning to identify names of colors. This is great!”  

RESOURCE TWENTY-NINE: Christmas Acts of Kindness- for the month of December

Pages: 8  

This calendar for the month of December, will encourage your students to focus on acts of kindness towards all of the people in their lives……..their family, friends, pets, and the people they may spend time with at school. The environment and animals in their care are also considered.

•A blank version is included if you would like to create your own list of kind deeds, or your students may like to create their own

12 DAYS OF KINDNESS •This engaging activity is designed to encourage children to practice acts of kindness in the lead up to Christmas day. For each activity that the children complete, they get to trim some of Santa’s beard.  

What teachers are saying: “Thank YOU and so appreciate your TLC, in planning and sharing this pertinent resource! A wonderful addition to my Christmas resources!”  

RESOURCE THIRTY: Happy Holidays Banner

Pages: 7  

Send off your students, staff, or other treasured friends for winter break in a jolly way! Just print, cut along the straight lines, and string! Lamination is even optional for this fun decoration!  


What teachers are saying: “Very cute!”  

Adorable!! :)”  

Thanks! Cheerful!”  

RESOURCE THIRTY-ONE: Snowman Sam Winter Break Reading Incentive

Pages: 3  

Winter Break Reading Incentive!  

Use this fun little handout for encouraging your students to read over the holiday break! Includes both color and grayscale handouts to make it easy for you to copy, cut, and send home.  

What teachers are saying: “the kiddos always love it! Thanks so much Charity!

"Adorable ~ and just what I needed before the break! Thanks so much for sharing this. :)"



RESOURCE THIRTY-TWO: December Calendar Numbers and Header

Pages: 8  

It is the season of giving, so I whipped up some fun calendar numbers for you to display or to use for any working with numbers activities you have planned for December! Also included is the header for the month. Enjoy!  

What teachers are saying: “Thanks Charity! I so appreciate creative teachers sharing their talents! Can't wait to use the calendar pieces.

Thank you for your ideas!

What festive trees these are! I'm gaining so many cute calendar pieces I've decided to use them for minute games of ordering numbers this month. Thank you!


RESOURCE THIRTY-THREE: Christmas Math Challenge

Pages: 3  

You can use for math groups, homework, fast finishers, holiday centers, whole class problem solving, or an activity when you just need 5 minutes to work on that January bulletin board! Recommended for grades 2-3.  

Included: *Santa Scramble Math Challenge (addition of multiple 1 and 2-digit numbers, guess and check) *Writing page for explaining mathematical thinking *Answer key  

What teachers are saying: “I have some high fliers that will enjoy doing this. Thank you!

This is a great problem for my primary talent pool students as it requires higher order thinking!

Thank you for sharing this. My students will love the challenge!

RESOURCE THIRTY-FOUR: Christmas Holiday Fun Printables  

Pages: 9  

Four Christmas and December holiday activity printables you can use for holiday centers, fast finishers, homework, in-class breaks, or as an addition to your Christmas ideas folder. Just print and go!  

Recommended for grades 2-3.  

This PDF document includes: *Math - Elf Equations with answer key *Partner Problem Solving/Game - Holiday Tree Dot Game *Geography - Santa's Flight Path with US Map *Writing - Letter Writing Paper  

What teachers are saying: “Fantastic Fun! Thank you! My kids really enjoyed this activity.”

"One of the best fun and creative thinking pieces I have seen!"

"Wow! Such a thoughtful, complete packet! Well done! Thank you!"

RESOURCE THIRTY-FIVE: Christmas Around The World Book Cover and Coloring Page  

Pages: 2  

'Tis the season to be jolly! As you're gearing up for the holiday festivities in your classroom, this free resource will help you keep all of your fun Holidays Around the World activities together!  

Use it as a book cover, and staple all of the different pages you will use behind it.  

Or use it as an introduction coloring page, too!  

I love teaching Christmas Around the World to my students, young and old. It gives them a new perspective on these holidays, and introduces them to other cultures!  

There are two versions, depending on what works best for you: * Christmas Around the World * Holidays Around the World

All of my LABEL AND COLOR resources are great for the primary and elementary classrooms! Labeling a picture is a great way for any beginning writer to practice writing words phonetically by translating the sounds in their head to letters to write on paper!  

I differentiate the activities into 4 pages, so no matter where your students are at, they will be practicing these important skills! They will: - Label the Beginning Sound - Trace the Labels - Label the Pictures - Write about the Pictures  

Also, it's as easy as clicking PRINT to use these! No extra work for you as a teacher- always a time saver! I've written lots of tips and tricks in there for you too- so you won't be left hanging! :)  

What teachers are saying: “Super cute book cover for my students paper suitcase for Christmas Around the World!”

RESOURCE THIRTY-SIX: Clothespin Snowman Craft  

Pages: 17  

Add Some Holiday Magic with this Clothespin Snowman Craft idea. Use Them For Fine Motor Practice Or Clip Card Activities. Simple and Jolly Good Fun for kids to make! 

See the full directions at THIS BLOG POST.

RESOURCE THIRTY-SEVEN: Mindful Thoughts Journal: Winter Break / Problem Solving Mindfulness Activities  

Pages: 10

This journal is designed for students to use at home over winter break. We recommend that our students complete the daily prompts in the morning to help start the day on a positive and mindful :) note. 

The questions are also great conversation starters for students and their parents, providing them with the opportunity to discuss what they wrote and/or drew and to discuss what they discovered/learned while working in their journals. It can be fun to see how students interpret the daily doodles.  

We created the Directions spread to be editable allowing you to adjust the instructions for your classroom. Please note that the editable version is a PowerPoint file. You will need access to a program that can open and edit that file type.  

We have provided two weekly spreads and included up to 16 daily slots on the gratitude/mood tracker page realizing that your students may not need all of the spreads and slots depending on the length of winter break.  

Feel free to remove any pages that are not needed. If you choose not to use any of the single pages (cover, currently/reading log, mood tracker/ daily gratitude, or reflection pages), keep in mind that this may effect how the journal prints when printed back to back.  

Included Mindfulness Activities for Students: ★ Directions Spread with Glossary: There is a small glossary on the Directions spread to help the students complete their Mindful Thoughts Journals independently. We have created the Directions spread as editable allowing you to tweak the directions to best fit your classroom and students. ★ Currently: Here students will write a few things that they currently enjoy doing. These things will likely change from month to month. The Currently page is a fun keepsake to look back at throughout the year to see how students' likes and dislikes change as they grow. ★ Reading Log: Here students will write the titles of books that they have read during break. Students will enjoy tracking their books on this fun themed page. ★ Mood Tracker: Here students will keep track of how they feel each day. They will color in today’s number with the color that represents how they feel today or felt yesterday depending on when you have your students complete their journals. 

We recommend students work on their Mindful Thoughts Journals in the morning as they are beginning their day and complete the mood tracker for the day before. Keeping track of how your students feel will help them to better understand their emotions, how those emotions are triggered, and how their emotions can influence their day.

At the beginning of break, the students decide what colors will represent specific moods and color in the key before they start using their journals. We have included enough days for the students to track their mood for the entire break (up to sixteen days).

★ Daily Gratitude: Gratitude is about focusing on the good things in our lives and being thankful for what we have. Here students will write one thing that they are grateful for each day. According to Harvard Health Publishing, studies have shown that the practice of expressing gratitude each day "is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships." In a world where everyone from our students to our teachers and administration are feeling stress, teaching self-care practices with mindfulness activities for students like gratitude journals are not only encouraged but essential.

★ Weekly Spreads: Each two-page spread is designed and laid out a little differently but they all have some of the same pieces. Each spread will have a spot to write and draw each day. We recommend that the students write their answers in complete sentences and expand on their writing. For example, they can explain why. Remember these questions are just to get the students started thinking.

Each day also has a doodle section. This section is meant to be a quick drawing for students to practice their sketching skills, and creative skills and practice expressing themselves. Some spreads have extra doodle sections. We like to have our students complete those sections when they have extra time after they have completed their other work.

★ Reflection: When the journal is complete, the students can think back on the work they’ve done focusing on the concept of problem solving then answer a question and develop an action plan for the future.

What teachers are saying: “Wonderful ideas for writing about mindfulness - thanks.”  

"What a great idea!"  

RESOURCE THIRTY-EIGHT: Santa and Train Number and Ten Frame Matching Game  

Pages: 6  

Kick off your Polar Express week with this fun matching game! Help santa match the number to the ten frame!

Included are: ♥ I can card ♥ Santa and train number and ten frame cards 1 to 10.  

It's Gone Forever When the Timer Hits Zero!


Resources from the following super teacher creators:

It's Gone Forever When the Timer Hits Zero!


Ready to get your holiday season rocking with some fresh new resources from some of the best teacher sellers out there?


The December Bundle includes resources for the following grade levels:


  • Common Core Morning Work - Grade 1 ~ Christmas Edition
  • Common Core Morning Work - Grade 2 ~ Christmas Edition
  • 8 Winter Math Games for First Grade
  • Winter Sight Word Phrases
  • December Graphs and Tallies
  • 120 Chart Christmas Addition Game
  • Christmas Around the World Reading Comprehension Passage
  • Winter Color the Room
  • New Year's Activities Interactive Notebook Lapbook
  • Visual Recipe for Reindeer Chow
  • "We Love Cookies!" Pennant Banner Worksheet
  • Behavior Management WINTER Edition
  • Christmas Activity Sheets
  • Snowman Soup Student Gift for Winter Holidays
  • Sight Word Activity for Winter
  • Christmas and Winter Beginning Sound Sort Cut and Paste
  • Winter Tracing / Cutting Strips
  • December Behavior Clip Chart - Santa Theme
  • Winter Activity for Autism and Speech Therapy
  • Christmas Coloring Pages: 8 Winter Math Games for First Grade
  • Christmas Acts of Kindness- for the month of December
  • Happy Holidays Banner
  • Snowman Sam Winter Break Reading Incentive
  • December Calendar Numbers and Header
  • Christmas Math Challenge
  • Christmas Holiday Fun Printables
  • Christmas Around The World Book Cover and Coloring Page
  • Clothespin Snowman Craft
  • Santa and Train Number and Ten Frame Matching Game

Grades 3-5

  • Christmas and Holidays Around the World STEM Challenge Passport
  • Christmas Around the World Reading Comprehension Passage
  • New Year's Activities Interactive Notebook Lapbook
  • Visual Recipe for Reindeer Chow
  • Christmas Traditions and Origins Keynote
  • Behavior Management WINTER Edition
  • A Snowman Diamante
  • Meaning of Christmas
  • Equivalent Fractions Winter Monster Sort!
  • Snowman Soup Student Gift for Winter Holidays
  • 12 Days of Gratitude Jar
  • Fact Families Christmas Game
  • December Behavior Clip Chart - Santa Theme
  • Christmas Acts of Kindness- for the month of December
  • Happy Holidays Banner
  • Snowman Sam Winter Break Reading Incentive
  • December Calendar Numbers and Header
  • Christmas Math Challenge
  • Christmas Holiday Fun Printables
  • Christmas Around The World Book Cover and Coloring Page
  • Mindful Thoughts Journal: Winter Break / Problem Solving Mindfulness Activities  

Grades 6-8

  • Christmas Traditions and Origins Keynote
  • Christmas Edition:Ted Talk/Video Worksheet - Response to text (Listening skills)
  • Snowman Soup Student Gift for Winter Holidays
  • Christmas Acts of Kindness- for the month of December
  • Happy Holidays Banner  

Grades 9-12

  • Christmas Edition:Ted Talk/Video Worksheet - Response to text (Listening skills)
  • Snowman Soup Student Gift for Winter Holidays
  • Christmas Acts of Kindness- for the month of December
  • Happy Holidays Banner

Almost 250 pages of fresh resources to rock your season!

This December Bundle contains HUNDREDS of pages of resources to save you time and stress during this hectic time of year!

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It's Gone Forever When the Timer Hits Zero!


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