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Hey there teacher friend! Do you struggle to find fresh back to school items for the new school year?

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They will save you time and help to make this school year start one of the most enjoyable ever! Check out what they have pulled together for you!

PK-5 teachers can grab ONE BUNDLE (PK-2 or 3-5) or BOTH and be ready to start the school year in a flash!


9 products specific for grades PK-2! Over 800 pages of resources!

RESOURCE ONE: Look & Find Hidden Picture Puzzles - Alphabet  

Pages: 52  

Fun activities at your fingertips! These printable hidden picture pages are perfect for pre-readers to practice letters of the alphabet as well as visual discrimination and observation skills.  

This pack contains 2 versions for each letter of the alphabet:  

  • Pictures
  • Words  

What teachers are saying: “My kindergarten students love these! I love the option to look from the picture clue or the word clue to differentiate for my higher students!”  

Perfect visual activity for my OT caseload!”  

My sped kids love these!

RESOURCE TWO: Fall Kindergarten Math Work Station Activities 

Pages: 122  

Are you using math work stations this year? Here are nine math activities to start your kindergarten year out right. Easy to use. Just print, laminate, cut out and add to your stations.  

Activities include:  

  • Counting
  • Number Order
  • Patterning
  • Sorting
  • Shapes
  • Missing Numbers
  • Number Recognition
  • One-to-one Correspondence  

Includes response sheets.  

What teachers are saying: “Great for beginning of the year math stations! Love it!”  

My kids loved seeing these activities in their work bins. The pictures are clear and easy to use.”  

Love this activity pack! So much to do, great for centers!

RESOURCE THREE: Addition and Subtraction Basic Facts  

Pages: 209  

Develop the addition and subtraction fluency of your students with this FUN math activity! Boost skills and number sense with this NO PREP math anchors activity that is aligned with the common core! Each set has 26 cards that focus on a specific arithmetic skill. Use with Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, and home school students as part of your math lesson, for fast and early finishers, in math centers and stations, for review, enrichment, morning work, critical thinking, or test prep.  

The addition and subtraction math cards can be used:  

➜ as part of a regular math program, ➜ as an anchor booklet when students finish their regular class work, or ➜ in a math center.  

Students build their addition and subtraction fluency by practicing their basic facts.  

These addition and subtraction fluency math anchors are aligned with the common core and help students develop their ability to fluently add and subtract to 20. They are divided into seven sets. Each set contains 26 cards that focus on specific addition and subtraction skills. The seven sets focus on the following:  

➜ Set A: Addition to 5 ➜ Set B: Subtraction to 5 ➜ Set C: Addition to 10 ➜ Set D: Subtraction to 10 ➜ Set E: Addition to 20 ➜ Set F: Subtraction to 20 ➜ Set G: Addition and Subtraction to 20  

What teachers are saying: “I am so excited to use this for math fact practice. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how easily they can be differentiated by the recording sheet. Thank you!!”  

Just what I have been looking for to progress monitor.”  

Fantastic product - I use these as an early finisher resource and the children enjoy working on them independently. Once laminated, they will last for years.

RESOURCE FOUR: All About Me Worksheets Back to School Posters Bundle 

Pages: 30

First Week of School All About Me Writing Worksheet Activities perfect for back to school because all students have to do is write, color, and decorate for a beautiful bulletin board or door. A back to school activity bundle perfect for the first day of school! These posters will get students identifying their personal information. They create these posters and share information about themselves, their class, summer vacation and more!  

Your students will love these NO PREP All About Me writing worksheets that are perfect for the beginning of the year and all you have to do is hit print!  

Very simple activity that makes a super easy back to school bulletin board to help your students feel ownership over their new classroom.  

What's included in this bundle, each THEME includes: - All About Me Poster Activity (B&W) - All About my Favorite Book Poster Activity (B&W) - All About Our Class Poster Activity (B&W) - All About my Summer Vacation Poster Activity (B&W) - All About my Birthday Poster Activity (B&W)  

The products included in this bundle are: All About Me Emoji / Emoticon Themed Posters All About Me Bug Themed Posters All About Me Honey Bear Themed Posters All About Me Frog Themed Posters  

Some ways you can use these posters: - A back to school get to know you activity. - After students create their posters - you can hang these for display. - Gather birthday information about students. - Students getting to know their classmates.  

Each poster is a standard A4 size which is 8 x 11 inches. Simply print them on A3 sized paper for large display.  

What teachers are saying: “Great!”  

Very cute!! Thanks!”  

RESOURCE FIVE: Second Grade Back to School

Pages: 74  

Great for the beginning of the year ! This starter kit was created for second graders but some activities (the writing prompts for example) are modified so they are appropriate for first and third graders too.  

Packet contains informal assessment and useful back to school activities: Write the Numbers 1-50 in Color and b&w (Write the numbers 1-100 is a separate file in this zip file) Capital and Lower Case Letter Assessment Short addition assessment Short subtraction assessment Back to School Question Circle A Friend Like Me Scavenger Hunt What I Want to Learn About in Second Grade (with and without sentence starters; in both Handwriting without Tears lines and regular lines sentence starters included for first and third grade, too) Classroom Scavenger Hunt Chrysanthemum - inspired Name Graph and Questions Fall Antonym Fun Game Spelling Assessment 6 days of Back to School Morning Work  

What teachers are saying: “Awesome activities to get the year started.”  

Thanks so much! This will make Meet the Teacher night so much easier!”  

As a first year teacher this helped a lot!! Thank you!

RESOURCE SIX: Fall Math Games for First Grade 

Pages: 63  

This set of 30 partner math games addresses first grade topics in addition and subtraction, sequence of numbers, and early place value (comparing two-digit numbers). Each single-page game is designed to be played by partners and is easy-prep and “self-contained” – there are no cards to print!  

Directions for play are in a student-friendly numbered format. The tools required for play are also simple – just dice and wipe-off markers!  

These games are kind to your ink concerns – less than 20% of each page is in color, plus a grayscale version of each game is also included. If you choose to use the blackline version, you can have your students color them before using them in your math centers. The blacklines are also terrific to send as family math homework! A parent letter explaining this is also included.  

Ideal for use in your math centers, these games are also great for homeschoolers, tutors, and math interventionists.  

Because they feature graphics like pumpkins, leaves, apples, fire safety, and scarecrows, these games will fit nicely with your autumn themes! {No Halloween graphics are included in this set except for pumpkins and candy corn.}  

The topics covered in these games are... * Addition * Subtraction * Missing addends * Mixed addition and subtraction * Combinations of ten * 120 chart * Sequence of numbers (before, after, between)  

What teachers are saying: “So many great games and lots of good skill work!”  

Cute games! The students enjoyed them. Thanks so much!”  

We had school on Halloween - my kids LOVED the dice games in math. Bonus - my admin came in to observe my math block and played with the kids.”  


Pages: 63  

These EDITABLE Back to School forms, that includes a Meet The Teacher template, were designed to keep you organized and compliment your classroom decor. These forms, logs and checklists will help you keep everything all in one place!  

It's back to school time and you know what that means. Lots of forms to fill out and information to keep. These forms were designed to help you with just that task. But why use boring old lists when you can have fun forms that complement your classroom theme? I like stuff to be cute, don't you?  

Simply insert a text box, type in your information and you will be ready to print. Would you rather hand write the forms? No problem! Simply print and go!  

Included in this set you will find everything you need for the beginning of the year including: (Color and Black & White Versions)  

1. Meet the Teacher Letter 2. Birthday Calendar (3 versions) 3. Bust List (2 versions) 4. Parent Helper List for the First Few Days 5. Parent Room Helper List 6. Field Trip Helper List 7. Halloween Party Helper List 8. Christmas Party Helper List 9. Valentine Party Helper List 10. Easter Party Helper List 11. Fall Party Helper List 12. Winter Party Helper List 13. Spring Party Helper List 14. Summer Party Helper List 15. Party Helper List 16. What's Unique About Your Child? 17. Welcome To Our Class Letter (sample letter included) 18. Emergency Contact Information Form 19. Class List At A Glance 20. Parent Contact At A Glance 21. Passwords At A Glance  

What teachers are saying: “Thanks! Great product and perfect for Meet The Teacher night!

"These are super cute! I love the theme and especially love the parent sign up sheets. I can't wait to use them at my open house!"

"I love these! I have an apple themed classroom and these forms are perfect! Thanks!"  

RESOURCE EIGHT: Sight Word Spectacular BUNDLE: Fry Words 1-100

Pages: 129  

Are you in need of some no prep activities to help your students with the first 100 Fry high frequency word list? Look no further! 

Each set focuses on 25 sight words with 6 different printables focusing on 5 words per page. Here is what you will find:

Sheet 1- Color the box with the word by the color code. Sheet 2- Trace the word. Sheet 3- Find the word 5 times in each box and circle. Sheet 4- Color the letters in the word. Sheet 5- Color the box or shape with the word by the color code and create a picture. Sheet 6- Write the sentence and highlight the word.

There are 120 printable pages to help with mastering the first 100 Fry words.

These sheets can be used for word work, homework, or just extra work for your early finishers.  

What teachers are saying: “This will be great practice for my firsties! Thanks for sharing your ideas and work!! :)”  

RESOURCE NINE: Following Directions in the K-2 Common Core Classroom

Pages: 76  

Do you ever have issues with students who never seem to listen to the directions, even after you have given them 3 and 4 times? I know I have in the past, so I decided to do some listening skills practice activities in order to fine-tune their listening capabilities.  

After giving my students a short listening task, I either graded the work (which became an eye opener for some!) or we used it as a teachable mini-lesson on what should have been done better. Sometimes I even rewarded the student who received the best score as an exemplary way to listen and follow directions. The reward usually involved a little extra computer time or maybe being the line leader for the day.  

Sometimes we assume that students know how to listen and that if we give directions several times they should be able to hear, listen, and apply. Unfortunately some students need to continuously practice that skill, much like any other curriculum strategy. Following Directions in the Common Core Classroom will not only help your students to be more keenly aware of oral directions, but also help you with expected classroom routines and procedures.  

The best part? The activities listed take less than 2 minutes once a week to administer! Have a group discussion after doing to activity, and you are done in under 15 minutes! Want an actual listening center activity? Use the included audio tracks so you don't even have to be present!  

It includes the following:  

•36 weekly activities which can be done as a whole class or as a center activity, including the answer keys •All the matching handouts are included as a full page and as a half page, in both color and in grayscale, which will make for easier printing for those that do not have access to a color printer •All 36 weeks worth of audio files  

What teachers are saying: “Great activities with many age and ability groups of children.

Love having all my direction following activities in one binder!

Good resource and easy to use.

Are you a Grade 3-5 teacher? CF Collective has you covered as well with your very own bundle!


9 products specific for grades 3-5! Almost 450 pages of resources!

RESOURCE ONE: September Math Challenges & Brainteasers-Back to School FF, HW, Extensions  

Pages: 68  

Use these PRINT and GO back to school themed math activities to challenge your high flying 2nd and 3rd grade students during the month of September and beyond. Includes 26 NO PREP math printables with answer keys you can use for math centers, homework, fast finishers, small groups, number talks, math contracts, advanced math assessments or whole class problem solving! Back to School themes include: school supplies, recess, class assignments, lunch, teaching, libraries, specialty classes, and centers.  

Recommended as a challenge for grades 2-3.  

Included in this pack: 13 Math Challenges *Center Activities (Adding 1-digit numbers to 30, guess and check) *Lunch Number Who am I? (Place value to four-digits, logical thinking, guess and check) *Penny Prep (Adding multiple 2-digit numbers or multiplication with 2-digit numbers) *Bike, Walk, or Bus (Adding 1 and 2-digit numbers within 30, guess and check) *What’s for Lunch? (Finding all possible combinations) *Lunch Card Mix Up (Adding multiple 1-digit numbers, logical thinking, guess and check) *Pencils & Erasers (Adding coins to $2.25, problem solving) *School Supplies (Adding and subtracting coins and bills to $10.00, logical thinking) *Library Leftovers (Multiplying and subtracting 1, 2, and 3-digit numbers) *Crayon Boxes (Adding or subtracting multiple 2-digit numbers, division with a 3-digit number) *Assessment Day (Adding minutes, converting minutes to hours) *Obstacle Course (Mixed operations, converting seconds to minutes) *Specialty Classes (Elapsed time, logical thinking)  

All math challenges come with a lined page for written responses focused on strategies students used to solve the problem  

13 Brainteasers *Desks in a Row (Logical thinking, guess and check) *Class Assignments (Logical thinking, guess and check) *Lunch Tables (Logical thinking, guess and check) *Recess Activities (Logical thinking, guess and check) *Colored Pencil Orders #1 (Place value with ones and tens, easier) *Colored Pencil Orders #2 (Place value with ones, tens, and hundreds, more difficult) *School Supply Sentences #1 (Addition and subtraction within 20, balancing equations) *School Supply Sentences #2 (Addition and subtraction within 100, balancing equations) *TEAM Logic Puzzle (Logical thinking, guess and check, easier) *WORK Logic Puzzle (Logical thinking, guess and check, easier) *TEACH Logic Puzzle (Logical thinking, guess and check, more difficult) *LEARN Logic Puzzle (Logical thinking, guess and check, more difficult) *DISCOVERY Logic Puzzle (Logical thinking, guess and check, most difficult)  

Also includes *Student resource page with common conversions and extra info students might need to help solve these problems. Perfect to use for homework or centers! *Answer keys for every problem!  

What teachers are saying: “Challenging, yet attainable for my 4th graders”  

Can't wait to use! :)

RESOURCE TWO: Back to School Resources and Activities Pack 

Pages: 59  

Back to school time?! Say it isn't so! This activities pack is full of icebreakers, first day of school games, discussions of rules, and other beginning of the year activities perfect for the beginning of the year! Start your new year off on a positive note with this pack!  

Check out the preview for details!  

This Product Includes:  

✓ Icebreakers ✓ Getting to know you activities ✓ Summer vacation writing activities ✓ Team building activities ✓ Activities for teaching rules ✓ Read alouds  

With This Product You'll Get:  

✓ Traditional and unique icebreakers ✓ Kinesthetic and role-playing activities ✓ Exploration of why we have rules ✓ Exploration of why fair is not always equal ✓ Goal setting activities ✓ Back to school read alouds  

What teachers are saying: “Great activities for not only back to school,but also for fun, quick activities throughout the year.”  

I like how these aren't the traditional back to school ideas. Very useful resource!”  

Such fun activities (learning involved too) for welcoming back to school!


Pages: 73  

This BACK TO SCHOOL resource was designed to encourage your kiddos to start writing right away and (sh.....) KEEP THEM BUSY DURING THAT FIRST CRAZY WEEK of school!  

Using this resource in your classroom will benefit your students in the following ways: * thinking / brainstorming * written expression * language skills * writing fluency * grammar * spelling * punctuation  

The BACK TO SCHOOL Color & Write * Interactive Journal Notebook is a great way to start out your school year. It is simply engaging and will ease your students back into the daily world of reading, writing, responding and thinking.  

Any grade level or subject would benefit from using these journals. The topics are simple yet creative. Just about ANY STUDENT can be successful with answering the prompts.  

Your students will LOVE responding to the prompts and coloring in the cute graphics included.  

Very simply, your students will... * read and think about the prompt * look at the picture to help inspire writing * respond to the prompt * color the detailed graphic  

You will LOVE this product because it comes with options for the journal, covers to choose from, teacher checklist, writing checklist for students and a teacher planning sheet.  

Select the journal / notebook cover of your choice and staple it together. There is NO cutting involved, which makes it really great for those first few weeks of school. Handing the sheets out one at a time or a few a day would work as well.  


Included in this 73 page BACK TO SCHOOL journal resource:  

Detailed teacher information and instructions  

40 total journal prompt sheets: * 20 journal prompt sheets with WRITTEN PROMPTS * 20 journal prompt sheets with BLANK TITLE JOURNAL PAGES  

Journal prompts included: * BLAST OFF! This year is going to be GREAT because... * I am ready to LEARN this year. Over the Summer I... * My favorite kind of BOOKS to READ are... * Using good GRAMMAR is IMPORTANT because... * HELPING others helps EVERYONE because... * My favorite SONG and MUSIC genre is... * One BIG thing that will be NEW in this GRADE is... * So far, the HIGHLIGHT of my LIFE has been... * When I earn GOOD GRADES, I feel... * Everyone has a FAVORITE SUBJECT. Mine is... * You'll be AMAZED that my SUPER POWER is... * This Summer I kept my BRAIN SHARP by... * My PLAN for staying on TRACK this year is... * I think the EASIEST part of this YEAR will be... * What really drives me BUGGY about SCHOOL is... * Yea! What makes me EXCITED this year is... * My top 3 WISHES for this SCHOOL year are... * The BEST way I can show I am a TEAM PLAYER is... * WINNERS are different because they... * To do my very BEST, I PLAN to...  

BACK TO SCHOOL Journal Topic Checklist for teachers  

Easy planning sheet for teachers  

9 Notebook / journal covers to choose from. Themes and / or embellishments included are: * team jersey * books * apple * journal and pen * crazy pencils  

5 Writing Checklists for students, these can also be used as ANCHOR CHARTS (add to notebooks or display in the classroom): * Writing Checklist, includes instructions, black and white * Writing Checklist, no instructions, color * Writing Checklist, no instructions, black and white * Writing Checklist, short version, color * Writing Checklist, short version, black and white  

What teachers are saying: “TY! Can't wait to use!”  

4 Stars!

RESOURCE FOUR: Add Your Own Pictures: Dotted Daily Calendar Cards 

Pages: 11  

Make your classroom calendar pop with these daily calendar cards. Take pictures of each student in your classroom. Then display the pictures on your monthly calendar. This is a great way to add pictures of your students to your classroom decor.  

These daily calendar cards are also great for clinicians and special education teachers. These daily calendar cards are great for helping students recall one another's names and connect with one another.  

These are very easy to use. Simply enable editing in powerpoint. Then, click where indicated to load the picture of your choosing. Then print, cut, and laminate. Use the preview for a demonstration. Students, parents, teachers, and administrators love these. This is a great way to build community in your class.  

Each year I take a photo of each student during the first week of school. I then take a picture of the entire class. Once I've filled each number card with an individual student's photo, I use the photo of the entire class to fill the remaining days of the month. I add velcro on the back of each card to attach them to our class calendar. Other teachers, simply use pocket charts to create their own calendars. Either way, these cards are a great addition to your classroom.  

My students love these calendar cards, and remember their "day" each month.  

What teachers are saying: “I am so excited about using this calendar idea!

RESOURCE FIVE: Reading Comprehension - July, August, September

Pages: 30  

Help your students become more confident readers with these fun and interactive summer passages! These are perfect for helping students build stamina and fluency while practicing context clues, finding text evidence, and making inferences.  

⭐ The passages are suitable for 3rd-4th grade readers, and are also great for struggling 5th graders!  

⭐ Includes 15 passages, a mix of fiction and non-fiction, with topics that correlate with themes for July, August, and September.  

Each page includes:  

✅ 5 questions for students to answer and underline the text evidence ✅ 1 inference question that is not directly answered in the text ✅ 1 response question for students to make text to self connections  

What teachers are saying: “My 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders have loved this product! They actually ask me to do these!”  

I purchased this to add to my collection. My resource students being served in reading comprehension in 2nd through 5th grade love these stories and using their crayons to find story evidence to support their answers.”  

Great practice for my kids for finding text evidence. I used it with my 2nd graders who are reading above grade level.

RESOURCE SIX: 3 and 4-Digit Addition and Subtraction Task Cards - Unicorn Theme

Pages: 156  

Engage your students with these unicorn themed, multi-digit addition and subtraction task cards. Low prep for you and interactive for your students! Use them as part of your math centers or display them around the classroom and send students on a unicorn search.  

Differentiation options are included! There are sets that have equations without regrouping and sets that have equations with regrouping. You can give two sets of students identical looking task cards and they won’t know there is a difference unless they look closely at the equations.  

Included in this set are: ★ 192 Task cards (24 in each set – no regrouping/regrouping) ★ Recording pages for accountability ★ Work mats so students have a place to work through the equations ★ Answer keys for the centers and the recording pages ★ Black line masters – A great ink saving option! ★ Canadian and Australian copy (in a separate file) with spaces, instead of commas, between the hundreds and thousands places.  

What teachers are saying: “These are perfect and I love that they are differentiated!”  

Great to use with my small groups and centers at the beginning of the year!”  

I cannot wait to use these task cards as a math station in my classroom! I love how you included differentiated task cards with regrouping and no regrouping. Thank you! 

RESOURCE SEVEN: Reading Logs for Fiction and Nonfiction Reading

Pages: 18  

These SIX weekly reading logs use a variety of formats, including one that uses the Someone Wanted But So summary format and one that uses the Five W's format. Three of the reading logs are designed for fiction reading and three of the reading logs are designed for non fiction reading. Students use these reading logs to record their nightly reading homework and prove their comprehension to you and their parents. Each reading log version is available in a 7 days a week format or a 5 days a week format.  

You may choose any format for your class, or alternate through them. Many teachers copy a fiction format on one side and a non fiction format on the other, in order to give students a choice of books.  

What teachers are saying: “Love the various options for student use. Great for use throughout the year to keep the children motivated and engaged.

Great for tracking what students are reading! Thanks for sharing!

These are so easy for my class to use. They are able to keep track of the kinds of books they read and the content read.  

RESOURCE EIGHT: Character Building with Brag Bands

Pages: 7  

Building character doesn't have to take up tons of time away from your lessons and curriculum. Instead, use these Brag Bands to showcase those students who are showing exemplary character.  

Plus, parents and administrators will love seeing them too!  

This item includes 50 different pre-made bands including the following:  

*Today I used my manners! *Today I apologized to someone. *Today I shared with someone else. *Today I displayed a positive love of learning! *Today I was courteous to younger students. *Today I helped someone in the hall. *Today I helped pickup supplies. *Today I loaned a supply to a classmate. *Today I helped a friend find something. *Today I offered to help my teacher. *Today I was polite. *Today I helped explain something hard to another student. *Today I stood up for someone else. *Today I walked in the hallway correctly! *Today I chose a book independently. *Today I complimented someone else. *Today I smiled at a friend. *Today I worked in a group successfully. *Today I was a team player. *Today I helped someone with no expectation of reward. *Today I listened quietly. *Today I had a genuine interest in others. *Today I took a chance even when it was scary. *Today I opened the door for someone else! *Today I picked up litter without being asked. *Today I congratulated another student. *Today I cleaned up a classroom area without being asked. *Today I was kind. *Today I was open minded. *Today I was curious. *Today I showed empathy. *Today I comforted a friend. *Today I was courageous in trying something even when it was hard. *Today I didn’t give up! *Today I said hello to someone new. *Today I learned something new about a classmate. *Today I turned something in to lost and found. *Today I gave my best effort. *Today I invited a new friend to play. *Today I shared with others. *Today I said please and thank you without being asked. *Today I went above and beyond. *Today I kept my hands and feet to myself. *Today I was honest. *Today I worked hard through a problem. *Today I came into class ready to work. *Today I turned in my homework on time and neat. *Today I showed my work. *Today I displayed neatness in my work and work area. *Today I asked someone new to sit next to me.  

You will either need to print on regular paper - or print on printable inkjet bands for the easiest method!  

What teachers are saying: “Fantastic way to showcase students for things other than test scores!

Love all the different choices!

This makes classroom management so easy - and the students and parents love it too!  

RESOURCE NINE: Save the Drama for Your Llama Simple Teacher Planner Set

Pages: 9  

Need something super cute for a lesson planning book? Love llamas and cacti? This is the mini teacher planner for you!  

This item includes the following:  

*Custom cover  

*Dividers for each of the items, as well as monthly dividers for archiving your lesson plans  

*Blank monthly calendar template. You add the dates, month, and important events. Never needs an updated copy!  

*A 2-page lesson plan template to print and hole punch. Place facing open in a binder to have easy access to your plans in a snap. Also, you type right onto the plans, so they can also be emailed and archived if you prefer.  

*Meeting notes form which can be typed right onto, saved, and even emailed to others upon conclusion of the meeting!  

*From the desk of notes that are perfect for sending reminders to parents, colleagues, or even students for a job well done.  

Check out some of the thumbnail images. All you will need is a 3-ring binder and you can get started in a snap - and look adorable in the process!  

Size: Standard 8.5"x11" paper  

What teachers are saying: “Just the basics-calendar, planning (perfect because I don't need birthday lists or parent contact forms..)-but CUTE!

LOVE this! This is a great resource. Love the "extras"-notes, meeting minute form, binder dividers!

Loved this resource!

Hi there! I am Charity!

A teacher, mom, wife. Featured in Scholastic Instructor Magazine, NEA, TeachHub, and Edutopia, Charity has over a half million fans and followers all over the world. A former K-6 gifted intervention specialist, she has built and managed over 20 educational related websites since 2011, and collaborated with high profile companies, such as eBay, ASCD, and Pinterest. Charity is the CEO of PEN Group Online, Inc. where she has taught her classroom and teacherpreneur business development systems to thousands of fans and members.

I created the CF Collective and am super excited to share the work of the many talented Classroom Freebies teacher sellers with you!

Just Added! In addition to the amazing back to school resources which will save you time and stress during this busy time of year, your purchase will include this extra BONUS too if you act fast!

Labels, Labels, Labels File!

This digital file includes 47 different backgrounds, 8 different frames, and 3 different fonts mixed and matched to create 1,128 different labels for you to customize with your own text and use as you like for your own classroom needs! {$19 Value and is not currently available to purchase anywhere!}

Ready to get your school year started with some fresh new ideas from some of the best teacher sellers out there?


The PK-2 Bundle Includes:

  • Look & Find Hidden Picture Puzzles - Alphabet  
  • Fall Kindergarten Math Work Station Activities  
  • Addition and Subtraction Basic Facts  
  • All About Me Worksheets Back to School Posters Bundle  
  • Second Grade Back to School  
  • Fall Math Games for First Grade  
  • Sight Word Spectacular BUNDLE: Fry Words 1-100  
  • Following Directions in the K-2 Common Core Classroom  
  • BONUS: Labels, Labels, Labels File!

9 products specific for grades PK-2!

The Grades 3-5 Bundle Includes:

  • September Math Challenges & Brainteasers-Back to School FF, HW, Extensions  
  • Back to School Resources and Activities Pack  
  • BACK TO SCHOOL Color & Write Notebooking JOURNAL  
  • Add Your Own Pictures: Dotted Daily Calendar Cards  
  • Reading Comprehension - July, August, September  
  • 3 and 4-Digit Addition and Subtraction Task Cards - Unicorn Theme  
  • Reading Logs for Fiction and Nonfiction Reading  
  • Character Building with Brag Bands  
  • Save the Drama for Your Llama Simple Teacher Planner Set  
  • BONUS: Labels, Labels, Labels File!

9 products specific for grades 3-5!

The PK-5 Set of BOTH Bundles Includes:

  • Look & Find Hidden Picture Puzzles - Alphabet  
  • Fall Kindergarten Math Work Station Activities  
  • Addition and Subtraction Basic Facts  
  • All About Me Worksheets Back to School Posters Bundle  
  • Second Grade Back to School  
  • Fall Math Games for First Grade  
  • Sight Word Spectacular BUNDLE: Fry Words 1-100  
  • Following Directions in the K-2 Common Core Classroom
  • September Math Challenges & Brainteasers-Back to School FF, HW, Extensions  
  • Back to School Resources and Activities Pack  
  • BACK TO SCHOOL Color & Write Notebooking JOURNAL  
  • Add Your Own Pictures: Dotted Daily Calendar Cards  
  • Reading Comprehension - July, August, September  
  • 3 and 4-Digit Addition and Subtraction Task Cards - Unicorn Theme  
  • Reading Logs for Fiction and Nonfiction Reading  
  • Character Building with Brag Bands  
  • Save the Drama for Your Llama Simple Teacher Planner Set  
  • BONUS: Labels, Labels, Labels File!

Over 1,250 pages of fresh resources to start off your Back to School season with a bang!

Each Bundle contains 9 items and HUNDREDS of pages of resources specific to your grade level band!

Retail Value of both bundles = $150+!

Pricing: One-time payment of $24 for ONE Bundle


One-time payment of $36 for BOTH Bundles

Frequently Asked Questions


No. It is a one-time payment - all resources are yours for life!


We ask that you do not share your copies with others without buying additional bundles. Our teacher sellers are also full time professionals who have taken their own time and money (purchasing clip art, fonts, etc.) to create this product. They should be compensated for their work. Thanks for understanding.


Purchase orders will be accepted for orders of $250+. Please email us if you would like to begin that process.  


Since the products are all digital, there will be no refunds for any reason. There will also be no refunds given for unused services. Please make sure this is a right fit for you before hitting that final payment button.


All items within the bundle are digital. You will receive a link to download them upon payment. Nothing physical will be sent to you.


These bundles will be offered at special pricing for a limited time. After that time, the pricing will go up and they will be available for an unnanounced time limit beyond that before they are gone forever. Make sure to get yours before they are no longer available!


Email us here.


PEN Group Online, Inc. dba Classroom Freebies reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason if we feel it is in violation of the best interest of our readers, fans, or fellow authors. There will be no refunds given for unused services.