Charity Preston from Teaching Blog Traffic School and Classroom Freebies presents...

 PD in your PJs for Teacherpreneurs!

If you are a teacherpreneur and want to learn more about running your teacherpreneur business, you’ll want to join me for these quick and easy 30 minute presentations.  

Each training lasts approvximately 30 minutes and includes a video for easy review, the slides from the presentation, and a full transcript of the video.

Archived Trainings Ready for Purchase

You can purchase individual trainings as needed OR Current Classroom Freebies Authors have access to the entire library of trainings included with their membership! See those details HERE.

January 2019: Social Media Promotion for Teacherpreneurs

You'll learn:  

-The most effective and time saving platform for promoting -The secret to optimizing Pinterest images for SEO -How to be seen with constant algorithm changes in social media -What to do if you can't use certain social media platforms (or don't want to)

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February 2019: Email Marketing for Teacherpreneurs

You'll learn:  

-Why you are losing money if you don’t have an email list -What email marketing platforms are the best -How often you should be sending emails and what you should put in them -Learn how to engage readers without being spammy -The one thing I do in my newsletters that always increases my blog views

March 2019: Sales Funnels for Teacherpreneurs

You'll learn:  

-What a sales funnel is -How to set up the lead magnet and follow up sequences - even without an active blog! -How to refine your wording, without being "gimmicky" -How to have everything on autopilot so you aren't manually sending out emails and incentives to each person who shows interest

April 2019: Tripwires for Teacherpreneurs

You'll learn:  

-What a tripwire is and why you want one -How to set it up with a basic email sequence, Paypal, and a free timer -A suggested time limit for the tripwire deal -The type of conversion rates you see with tripwires

May 2019: Time Management for Teacherpreneurs

Learn how to set up your teacher blogging schedule for maximum impact with the least amount of time behind the computer screen! Join me for this FREE online training and discover a step-by-step action plan for getting your FREEDOM back and enjoying your real life again, while still making SALES.  

Plus, you’ll get a FREE Blog “Lesson Plan” Template!

June 2019: Affiliate Promotions for Teacherpreneurs

You'll learn:  

-What an affiliate is and why you are missing out if you aren’t using them - even if you don’t have any products of your own -How to set them up and where to share with other teachers -An important note about disclaimers -If you have a blog: how to add in affiliate offers without it taking away from your own work

July 2019: Hosting Giveaways for Teacherpreneurs

You'll learn:

-Why most giveaways online are doing it wrong -How to to keep it legal -How to make it effective -The 6 steps to a list busting giveaway

August 2019: Running Challenges for Teacherpreneurs

You'll learn:

-Which product to pick for the maximum sales and the secret to naming your challenge -How to get at least twice the number of participants than you have invited -The best way for getting the word out without having a large audience of your own -Specific follow up sequences that drive even more sales 

September 2019: Hosting Webinars for Teacherpreneurs

You'll learn:

-What tech tools you need to run a seamless webinar -How to quickly get over your fear of the camera -Choosing what topic you will share with your viewers that they will be begging to attend -Promotion for your webinar -Wrapping up and getting sales right away

October 2019: Google Analytics for Teacherpreneurs

You'll learn:

-Why you need Google Analytics right now if you have a blog or website -How to quickly see how to increase your social media content and on which platforms -How to be a secret agent and see what is happening on your blog/website now -Know exactly what to write about next or products to create right now -See who your ideal customer is for perfect ad targeting 

November 2019: Multiple Streams of Income for Teacherpreneurs

You'll learn:

-Why you need multiple streams of income -How to make sure you aren’t constantly in feast or famine scenarios -What the 11 best streams of income are for teacherpreneurs -How to increase your income, but not increase your working hours -See how to track your streams and maximize those results 

December 2019: SEO for Teacherpreneurs

You'll learn:

-What SEO is and why you need it -How to increase your social media views with these same strategies -A tip for getting more product views -A step-by-step tutorial for increasing your SEO